03 July, 2014

New Bars, Brake Levers, and a Touring Build for Iceland

We just got some Dajia Shallow Drop handlebars. Short and shallow bars are especially popular among shorter riders, but I know some tall folks who like the less extreme position when in the drops, particularly so when climbing.
We're also stocking the Tektro RL341 aero brake levers. These are designed to fit smaller hands and are a good match to the above bars.

This 47cm Camargue was just built up for someone planning a tour in Iceland later this summer. She'll be adding traditional racks and panniers soon. It should preform admirably on Iceland's gravel roads and rocky trails.


Wes Ewell said...

The 62cm Camargue I ordered is at the opposite end of the size range from this bike, but I still click on this photo several times a day in eager anticipation.

!= said...

Awesome looking bike.

I'd love to see a picture of a built up Camargue in size 56 (that's probably my size).

Logan Moreau said...

what was the remedy for the rear brake hanger being close to the seat clamp?

VeloOrange said...

@Logan Moreau,

We included a flexible noddle from Jagwire to make the bend around the clamp.