23 July, 2014

A Few Paint Blem Frames

by Igor

Every frame that goes out of our warehouse gets inspected for all kinds of imperfections: paint, rear triangle and fork alignment, burrs in the headtube, bottom bracket, and steerer, decal integrity, headbadge placement, and hardware (bottle cages, seatpost binder bolt, and rear cable stop). We take a lot of pride in our designs and want to make building and assembly of your new bike as easy and smooth as possible.

Once in a while we come across a frame that isn't up to our standards. In this case, we've identified a few over the past few months that have some small paint blemishes and are offering them at a discount. They are all brand new frames. They have been touched up and you probably wouldn't even notice the flaw if we didn't point it out. Bikes should be ridden and enjoyed and a small paint flaw really doesn't matter.  So take the extra bucks you saved and buy yourself a super fancy ice cream. You deserve it.

53cm Pass Hunter
57cm Pass Hunter
56cm Camargue - Sold
56cm Camargue - Sold


Anonymous said...

Aww... why couldn't you screw up any larger frames? =\

lawschoolissoover said...

It always amuses me that folks are super-picky about bike paint jobs. If one of mine survives over a month without a scratch of some sort, I'm not riding enough!