13 June, 2014

VO Escapade Rims and Other New Stuff

The Escapades are our new bike backing, loaded touring, and 29ering rims. Casey and I have been testing them on prototype Camargues for months and we've found them to be bombproof. They are 28mm triple box section rims with offset stainless steel eyelets and machined sidewalls. They also cost a bit less than our other rims because they are satin finished, not polished. We have them in stock in both 26" and 700c sizes and in 32h and 36h.

26" Diagonale rims have also arrived and they have offset eyelets as well. Scott and Alec, my son, have been testing these on some tough single track without any issues.

In other news: We have Wheel Stabilizers for bikes with oversize down tubes, something lots of you asked for.

We also have bulk, 30-meter (98'), rolls of braided brake housing and derailleur housing. Several shops and frame builders had requested this.


JP said...

I own at least two of those wheel stabilizers that I only found out too late don't fit on my bikes. Any chance you guys will have that bigger bracket available separately? Thanks!

Wes Ewell said...

What size tape should I order to fit the Escapade rims?

VeloOrange said...


The Velox 22mm rim tape will be the best choice.

Anonymous said...

Not polished? Bummer. Screw cheap, I'll hold out for pretty.
How do they go tubeless?

Anonymous said...

By my reckoning, my downtube size (1-3/8", AKA 34.925mm) happens to fit *between* the new and original Wheel Stabilizers. According to the specs, there's a gap between 31.8mm (max, original) and 38mm (min, large).

Is that correct? I suppose you can always size up and shim with some old inner tube or whatnot.