20 June, 2014

Alec's New Pass Hunter, a Speedy Build

The seat post is extended so Igor could try her out.
We don't normally build up frames for customers, but this was a special case. Alec is my almost-15-year old son and has been into bikes since he could first straddle a tricycle. He likes fast bikes and originally wanted a carbon fiber Cervelo, but sense prevailed when he realized that a Pass Hunter was almost as fast and much more versatile.
Here is how it started.
From Radio Flyer to Pass Hunter.

10-speed Campy on VO hubs.
28mm smooth tires are nice on the bumpy brick streets in Annapolis. 

Alec wanted a very light saddle. We were actually thinking of importing these.
We used a mix of Campy Centaur and Chorus that I had in my spare components box. Those red Grand Cru jockey wheels should be good for an extra 2mph.
I like how Campy brifters can be converted from 9-speed to 10-speed.
I also donated a vintage Campy water bottle.
Alec's first real road bike next to the latest.
Test ride.
Still need toe clips and minor fitting, but he seems satisfied.
This was Alec's previous bike. Anyone need a 48cm Trek road bike?


A said...

Nice build! I love a good trek but the pass hunter is a much more attractive machine in my opinion. It'll definitely be able to cover ground unattainable by a cervelo. I'd put on fenders and maybe go up to 32mm tires but I live in the rain where there's more cobblestone and pothole than actual paved road, but that's neither here nor there.

Anonymous said...

Nice! Don't need the 48 trek, but that Gitane has some appeal...

semi serious cyclist said...

VO is the "nuovo classico" of bicycling.

Tim Joe Comstock said...

Nice build. Very nice.

Whaddaya mean "almost as fast?" It ain't the bike, it's the engine!

J5 said...

nice rig. handsome kid. well done, folks.