02 June, 2014

Campeur Racks Reviewed

Adventure Cyclist magazine has a great review of the VO Campeur front and rear racks in the June issue. I don't see the review online yet, so here are a few quotes:
  • But my god, they were beautiful. And the handsome Grand Cru Front Handlebar Bag, made in Maryland, that they’d included in the shipment was a huge motivator to get the front rack installed
  • "The VO Campeur racks are made of stainless steel with a lovely polished finish. The VO site states that the polish won’t rust or crack — I was skeptical, but after six months of Montana winter, I’m sold."
  • "The hardware for all [mounting] options is included. As usual, Velo Orange included the loveliest details in their design — both front and back racks have mounts for dynamo lights and small threaded fender-stabilizing mounts for a true, custom fit."
  • "Now that I’ve got the hang of it, it seems stupidly easy to remove and reinstall the racks..."
  • "If you want instant bike-touring “street cred,” as far as I’m concerned, these racks turn your bike into the sort of chromed-out, souped-up coupe that Brian Wilson might croon about."

Adventure Cyclist also tried our Grand Cru handlebar bag and had some nice things to say:
  • "The French-style Grand Cru Handle-bar bag, with its heavy dark green 18 oz. U.S. cotton canvas and oiled bridle leather trim is so cino I can barely resist it."
  • "One of the neat features is the internal stiffener which goes in a long sleeve; no plastic is exposed."
  • "If you like clean lines and classic looks but don’t have very deep pockets, Velo Orange supplies the quality and craftsmanship to get you and your bike suitably styled for your next tour or tweed ride."


austex said...

I wonder if the struts supplied with these racks would fit on center-pull bolts. The strut ends are shaped like the ENE rack's attachment...I'll bet no one at VO has tried this.

sooper8 said...

Can you provide a link to a seller of that bar bag in the UK please?

VeloOrange said...

sooper8, We don't know what our dealers currently have in stock. Fresh Tripe orders these bags so they might have some. And any VO dealer can order one if they don't have one in stock.

Janson said...

I've had that campeur rear rack on my commuter for four months now. No rattle, light, and compatible with all my panniers. It even moves my panniers back enough (using the lower rail) to avoid the heal strike I had on the same frame with a different rack. The most I've carried is about 40 lbs, and the rack has been rock stable. It's also a real looker. Nice job Velo.

David Pearce said...

Dear V-O,

These racks are nice, but I have some serious frustrations and some constructive criticisms and suggestions for your next front rack solution.

I don't know why you don't offer front pannier racks that can be attached the four wonderful eyelets on the Pass Hunter Front Rack / Decaleur, as well as make use of the midpoint eyelet bosses on your Polyvalent fork. It seems like such a no-brainer, and doesn't make your customers have to completely detach one rack to install the other.

Second, I hope you will consider a spring or torsion bar solution of some sort or another that will allow the front rack to let the front fork to absorb shock as it is supposed to, and not be locked rigidly in place as it now must be on the front dropout.

I am working on prototype pannier racks in copper tubing--either 1/4" or 3/8" I hope, and I will share with you my results.

David Pearce