04 April, 2014

Odds and Ends

In case you missed it, the Adventurer Cycling Association blog has a nice review of Casey's Crazy Bars. These bars have been selling out almost as soon as we get then in, but we should have many more late next month.

We are still working on the MTB version of Crazy bars, it looks like they will be chromoly, maybe butted; we're waiting for the last round of prototypes and fatigue tests.
We have these handsome new organic cotton Campeur shirts. I'm a big fan of organic cotton. Did you know that more pesticides are used on (non-organic) cotton than on any other crop.
Igor has been experimenting with shellac, trying to find the right color for a build. The photo above shows various colors of cotton bar tape with (at bottom) and without shellac. Additional coats will darken them further.

Finally, last week was VO's 8th anniversary!

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philcycles said...

Re: Bar tape
I used a coat of pigmented shellac first then a couple of coats of clear on white tape. This ends up being a nice cream color that goes with most everything and is easy to keep clean.
Phil Brown