15 April, 2014

Grand Cru Hub Goes Touring in Siberia

Last year, Luke did an amazing solo tour through Siberia along the Baikal-Amur-Mainline (BAM) Railway line. Rough terrains, friendly and helpful locals, downpours, river crossings, and let's say "unique" situations are all things Luke recalls on his journey.

Here's Luke's review of the Grand Cru Touring Hub after his 4000km Siberian tour

"I'd like to say that the VO Grand Cru rear hub is exceptional. I've given it a very good test using it for pretty loaded offroad touring in some very harsh conditions including very rough and rocky roads, regular submersion in rivers and muddy puddles up to waist deep at times. The way the freehub can be removed from the hub without tools means it is very quick and easy to clean and relube the pawls after abuse. I was also amazed at how well the pawls were sealed from the exterior. Despite the dirty water the rear hub was often dragged through only water ever seemed to get inside, which is inevitable when you have cold water cooling the hub, contracting the air and sucking in water. The hub preformed exceptionally." 


Wayne Myer said...

I have a Grand Cru hub on one of my road bikes. Amazing hub and a steal at the price. Please, please, please make an ISO disc version!

Raiyn said...

Wayne beat me to it. As I've mentioned before given the rise of disc equipped "gravel" bikes and the like offering a ISO disc version of the Grand Cru in 135 spacing with a matching front would be an excellent product to have. Perhaps call it a Grand Crü Disc? (note the umlaut)
I know it isn't exactly "traditional" but some of us wouldenjoy having better brakes with our baguettes.