15 November, 2013

Show and Tell

by Igor

We just got back from the Philly Bike Expo and it was a great time. The new convention center was perfect for the expo. It had indoor bike parking, seminar rooms, activities, and excellent location. Close proximity to Reading Terminal Market meant that great food and smells were only a short walk away. Onwards with the photos! Full set here.

Brian Chapman
Royal H
Johnny Coast
Rich Adams with Tall Stack Stem 
Bilenky with Grand Cru Brakes 
Speaking of shows, our good friends at Bike Cafe in Thailand set up a great booth at "A Day Bike Fest 2013". Lots of VO bikes and bits. All photos courtesy of Bike Cafe.

By the way, Chris wants to get a Sprinter style company van for traveling to venues. Here's my quick mockup. 

Original courtesy of wikipedia
We're putting a show schedule for next year. So the tell part: tell where you would like to see us in 2014. Do you have any favorite shows?


Unknown said...

How 'bout an open house at your new digs in Annapolis?

Michael M. said...

I drive a Sprinter in my line of work. They have great turning radius, decent mileage, lots for room. Downside. maintence intensive, they eat light bulbs, injectors, ball joints, some electronic control modules and 10 qt synthetic oil changes, about 180 bucks. They do whip around in the wind also. Despite the I like driving it. Make sure you find a good independent mechanic. If you take to the dealership for repair, it will take a million years to get it back,...good luck

Anonymous said...

Larz Anderson Bike Show in MA

Anonymous said...

Seattle has a very fine, fairly large bike expo in March.

Interstatement said...

I used to do commercial and fleet vehicle graphics, and I was excited when Sprinters came out despite the graphics-installing challenges the ridged bodywork posed. Owners cited the high cost of service and parts. I was appalled at how quickly they began to rust. I might consider one if I lived in Arizona, but they disintegrate quickly in the Northeast.

Velo Orange should rock a Citro├źn H Van or an old Grumman Kurbmaster.


Anonymous said...

I second Seattle. It's a huge show, and there is a neat vintage bike section, too.

A said...

Seattle Bike Expo is a good one, a hell of a drive from Annapolis though. I'm fairly certain I spotted a VO Porteur rack and more than one set of fenders in the Vintage show section last year.

Noah said...

Check out the 2014 ford Transit full size van and the 2014 the Transit Connect. I really like the Transit Connect - easy on gas, comfortable, no rattles, and easy to pack.