12 November, 2013

New Little Doodad

by Igor

We got these nifty 10-tooth alloy jockey wheels. They come with shims to fit many derailleurs. Modern derailleurs use 11-tooth wheels, so it's getting hard to find replacements for vintage derailleurs. The bearings are sealed for a long and smooth life. The through bolt must be smaller than 5.1mm in diameter.

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Anonymous said...

These look great! Any chance they'll be available in other colors, like silver, black or gold?

Wilson Hubbell
Santa Barbara, CA

VeloOrange said...

I doubt we'll have them in other colors. This is one of those items that we felt there was a need for, but realistically, we know we won't sell many. It makes little sense for us to carry a lot of extra inventory since there in a fairly high minimum production quantity for each color.

North Florida Randonneurs said...

Do you happen to know if these will fit a 70's Campy Neuvo Record?

VeloOrange said...

@North Florida Randonneurs

That particular derailleur is a 1970 model. One washer on each side did the trick.

Kymbo said...

Isn't the key thing with jockey replacement sprockets (aside from fitting between the cage) is really that the two wheels have the same number of teeth to ensure an even feed rate of chain?

The comment about 10t versus 11t in the post description to me is more an aesthetic, historical accuracy issue rather than one of practical necessity. That said, these do look nice!

Mauricio Babilonia said...

My understanding is that the standard went from 10 to 11 because an odd number of teeth wears more evenly (wide/narrow links always engage the same teeth with a 10-tooth pulley.)

I also have a question: does the jockey pulley have a bit of play such that it imitates the Shimano Centeron G and similar indexed system pulleys?

VeloOrange said...


These jockey wheels have a bit of lateral float.