16 September, 2013

Interbike Week and New Pocket Knives.

This week's Interbike show, along with Eurobike and the Taipei Cycle Show, are the big three trade shows in the bike world. As usual, we'll be exhibiting there. If you're with a shop that already stocks VO parts, or are interested in stocking them, please drop by our booth, #14008.

Several of us have already left for Las Vegas to set up our display. I leave tomorrow. This means that for the rest of the week there'll be no one here to answer technical questions. So if you need answers please e-mail us and we'll try to respond each morning before the show opens. There is no phone tech support this week, sorry. The shipping department is unaffected so orders will ship with the usual promptness.

In other news, we decided to stock three new Opinel knives. Folks really do love them and they've been selling briskly. Everyone on our staff now has at least one. I wrote more about them here. We're stocking these three additional models mainly because various members of our staff wanted them, so we thought some of you might also.
We have a new 12cm slim knife for the several fishermen here, myself included. The stainless steel blade is perfect for filleting or cleaning a trout or other small fish. It's also nice if you just desire a longer blade for camp cooking.
The expedition version of the classic No.8 features a lightweight plastic body, orange of course, with an integrated whistle. The blade is stainless with a serrated base and shackle key. The cord end is a nice touch for quick attachment. The wooden handles of traditional knives can swell if they stay wet for a long time, so this knife is recommended for kayakers, sailors, and folks in very wet climates.
Finally, and we know this is a real niche product, is a special version of the #8 stainless steel knife made for mushroom hunting and foraging, something a few of us here at VO enjoy doing. It has a curved blade that will cleanly slice off a mushroom, fruit, greens, and many other things that you may find or grow. The boar bristle brush is used to clean the dirt off delicate mushrooms. This knife is also very useful for light pruning duty in the garden.

Okay, enough about knives. We have another container arriving soon with new bike stuff to write about.


Unknown said...


Is that expedition opinel a VO exclusive? I've never seen it before. Very nice.

VeloOrange said...

If only it were an exclusive to VO! No such luck.

Anonymous said...

I appreciate the practical simplicity of that mushroomer—not as overly precious as some others on the market. It also looks a little more classy than my mushroom knife 'hack' on an old No. 8 carbone.
BTW: I'm loving all of your recent offerings, esp. the Camargue frameset.

Anonymous said...

Have thought about carrying Laguiole style knives? VERY classy!

whereshaldo said...

I'm surprised you don't have the Opinel Oyster Knife, same folding and locking mechanism but with an oyster blade. I'm in Seattle now but learned about oysters on the Chesapeake as a boy. Would certainly be a good accessory for the St. Michaels loop

Kevin P said...

I have had the mushroom knife for about three years now and love it. The brush end is really handy when removing dirt and fir needles from our Douglas Fir forests.