18 September, 2013

A New Year and September Surprise

 a guest post by Annette

For Velo Orange, the new year begins in September at Interbike. New frames, new items, and new prices all are unveiled at the show. Yes, a few of our prices will increase today, but not dramatically - there shouldn't be any sticker shock. Costs of goods usually increase over time; certainly freight costs do. We try not to adjust prices mid-year (from September to August), so a few of these hikes are well overdue.

But we do have a spoonful of sugar to swallow with that pill: Velo Orange now offers free shipping for retail orders of $100 or more within the continental US. If you have $100 or more of items in your cart when you check out, you'll be given a choice of free shipping (7 – 10 days service) or regular service (2 – 5 days). As any two orders of the thousands we've processed over the years were rarely alike, we will still choose the best delivery method to ship your package based on its weight and value. Our full policy on shipping and delivery is found on our customer service page. You won't be offered this option at checkout if any of the following applies:
  • you are a wholesale customer (you already have a free shipping level)
  • your cart doesn't meet the $100 threshold;
  • your order include frames or wheels, or;
  • your shipping address is outside the continental US.
For international orders, we will continue our long-standing policy of individually rating each package and notifying you of shipping options.