02 April, 2013

Information Overload, Part 2

We posted recently about cyclists forgoing computers, preferring to ride without too much information. But the majority of serious cyclist still use a computer, and a fair number have a headlight and, increasingly, a cell phone mounted on their handlebars. I guess that explains why the first shipment of Dajia accessory mounts sold out so quickly. (We recently received more and now have plenty in stock.)
You can clear off your handle bar with neat accessory mount, yet still enjoy your electronics and tchotchki. It attaches by replacing two of the bolts of your VO, or other, stem faceplate. The spacing between the 5mm bolts is adjustable, so it should fit a wide variety of threadless stems. The clamp area is 31.8mm and width is 115mm, long enough for computer, phone, and light or for a phone and a hula girl.


bédoin said...

Love the trick to combine "Marie" + a cellphone on your bike

KC said...

where will your dashboard buddha go?

Anonymous said...


I'm looking for VO Stem Caps on your shop but haven't been able to find them. Do they exist? If not, do you have any recomendation that matches your stems?

Thanks for your attention

VeloOrange said...

Anon, Most bike shops should have a silver stem cap. We only sell them with our headsets so don't have extras.