04 January, 2013

Warehouse Sale and Test Bikes for Sale

As you may know, we're moving to larger quarters next month. We'd like to get rid of as much stuff as we can prior to the move so we're holding our largest ever warehouse sale. It'll take place on Saturday, January 26th, from 9AM to 12PM. We'll have the usual assortment of returned items, demo components and accessories, prototypes, a few frames, a bunch of stuff we plan to discontinue, and more. Most items will be about half the retail price. We'll also offer a 20% discount on most regular items bought during the sale.

Here's the fine print:

  • In-person only. No internet orders, sorry.
  • Cash or credit only
  • We won't hold anything or offer a list of what will be available. It's strictly first come...
  • 20% off the retail price of anything we have in-stock except build kits and complete bikes. Even items on the specials page are an extra 20% off.
  • 9AM - 12PM  at 1819 George Ave. Annapolis, MD 21401
Speaking of stuff for sale, we have this 57cm Rando bike we've been using to test various new VO, and other, bits.  It's being replaced by a new Pass Hunter prototype so this one is for sale. It's got a Campy drivetrain, a prototype Ti saddle and Challenge tires among other neat stuff.
Another bike used for comparison purposes is my old orange 60cm Ebisu. Since I have several VO bikes  I'm selling the frame and fork (I don't like to keep things that I don't use.) A headset and seatpost are also included. Save for a few tiny paint chips the frame is in like-new condition. It's the All-Purpose model and. details about the model can be found here. Cost is $925 (half the new frame price). BTW, the name Velo-Orange was inspired by this bike. Update: It's sold.


Anonymous said...

Funny, I thought the company was called Velo Orange because the founder was Dutch. I kept thinking why would you call a company Velo Orange and build French inspired bikes.

Now I know.

Justin said...

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