25 January, 2013

Don't Forget, VO Warehouse Sale is Tomorrow

Despite predictions of upwards of two inches of snow this afternoon, which will bring Washington DC traffic to a skidding halt, the VO yard sale will take place tomorrow. Those of us who have lived in snowy climes can't help but shake our heads when schools close, as those in Annapolis have just done, in anticipation of a dusting of the white stuff. In fairness, a huge segment of our local population is not from this area, having come for government related jobs. And many appear to have never driven or biked in snow.

In any case, we have lots of cool stuff for sale that's 50% or more off retail price. In addition everything, except build kits and complete bikes, is 20% off. That includes stuff on the specials page. So it's worth skiing or snowshoeing in.

Finally we'll have espresso and donuts so you can refuel after that snowy trek.

Here's the fine print again:

  • In-person only. No internet orders, sorry.
  • Cash or credit only
  • We won't hold anything or offer a list of what will be available. It's strictly first come...
  • 20% off the retail price of anything we have in-stock except build kits and complete bikes. Even items on the specials page are an extra 20% off.
  • 9AM - 12PM at 1819 George Ave. Annapolis, MD 21401

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