28 January, 2013

Cynthia's Paintings and Eric's Bikes

Peugeot mixte
Cynthia Meyer is a talented artist who paints lovely California scenes. Some of her paintings include bikes that my friend Eric has put together. I really like both the style and subject matter in Cynthia's work, even the paintings without bikes. More of her work can be found on her site.

Eric, Cynthia's husband, is an interesting guy. We met when he called me out of the blue, and said, "This is Eric. I used to have this company called Simple Shoes, but then it got complicated. So I sold it and now I mostly ride around on my bike." It turns out he uses lots of VO parts in his builds and I used to wear Simple Shoes.

I've visited Eric a couple of times in central California and found that he builds up some really neat bikes. He also restores cool old cars, rebuilds old houses, serves on the planning commission in San Luis Obispo, and is involved with a center for young entrepreneurs.
Sear's best, made in Austria
Flanders Bike Shop
Eric's orange Atala
A few  photos of Eric's bikes can be found here. You'll find lot's of VO parts, many powder coated. His blog, The Movement, is worth reading.


Blogan said...

Wow, great artwork!

eflayer said...

I went to her website and boy I love her paintings. Such a fine use of color and the subjecs so simple, yet wonderful.

GGriffinSLO said...

Very cool. I know Eric and he is a good community member her in SLO, doing lots of good work locally for the greater community and bicycle advocacy as well. Nice to read about him here at VO.