24 May, 2012

More Arts and Crafts

Above is Igor's design for a U-lock holster. It's nicer than mine. This is one of those little things I wanted to try on my own bike. I'll run errands downtown, typically stopping at the hardware store, drug store, wine shop, and, on Sunday, the farmers market. With so many stops it seems that a quick-draw holster might be an improvement over digging through my pannier for the lock. We'll see how it works out. Igor already put one on his bike. I don't think we'll make it, but it's fun to try new ideas.

In other crafts news, the above shows Heidi's broken aluminum rear rack and her clever repair with two Allen wrenches and electrical tape. It broke on the first day of her first ever bike tour. This is why we prefer stainless steel racks. Heidi is getting a second Dajia expedition rack for this bike since the one on her son's bike has held up perfectly.

By the way, Heidi's tour is along the C&O canal, which reminded me of this old post.


Anonymous said...

Here is my U-lock holster (the one labeled "utility strap"). Works like a charm.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, So you wear the same pants every day? Thanks, but I'll take the holster.

ruthworkssf said...

I mounted my leather u-lock holder down low, at the bottom of my wife's vo front porteur rack. it does not impede on using panniers, like the rear. I used two guide wires, threaded through two brass grommets in the rear to suspend it.
There is a bottom strip of leather that prevents swaying of the lock in the holder. You can also use a cable to wrap around the bottom. It does not shake or rattle. That being said, I think you can make an aftermarket product, if you make it easy to install. Maybe using strong brass snaps in the back. You could even make it adjustable, to fit different size locks, using a more secure brass buckle closure in the rear. It wouldn't be hard to make. -Ely