16 May, 2012

Catching Up

Things have been pretty crazy at VO. Not only have we been busier than ever, but we've been working on a bunch of new projects. We're also scrambling to order more stuff; you guys are cleaning us out in record time. I mean as soon as we increase quantities and push for faster and more container shipments, demand rises above our most optimistic projections. Air shipments will be incoming. So given all that, I'll ask you to excuse me for not posting more often.

Here are a few of the newest things we're working on. I won't provide many details for competitive reasons, but you might make some educated guesses. Of course not every project will come to fruition, and most will take longer to finish than I anticipate. And some of these items are rather specialized and probably won't sell in huge quantities. They are a little like the porteur chain cases in that they are items that I think should be made, even though we may not make much of a profit from them.

  • We hope to have a new and very stylish Grand Cru crank by this Fall.
  • We're working on three new fender models, each will be unlike anything currently made.
  • A new and rather elegant chain guard is in the works, but it may be expensive.
  • Those top tube protectors I wrote about recently will be available soon. We just need to pick the best leather.
  • Some Grand Cru luggage is in development, but might not be ready until 2013.
I took the photo along the Canal du Midi. It has nothing to do with this post, except that it's a great place to ride a bike. Wish I could take a few days off and do just that.


flamme rouge z├╝rich said...

you are right. it is a great place to ride bikes



seo said...

I can't wait for your *crocodile skin textured brass fenders* to come in :D

VeloOrange said...


Sorry, no brass fenders, heavy, tarnish easily, dent easily.

Anonymous said...

Every time you mention fenders someone asks for brass. Has anyone tried anodizing a fender brass or bronze?

Anonymous said...

Maybe the brass fender people could make their own.

Don said...

Anything along the lines of those Mitch Pryor fenders? Some serious coverage there, and so sweet.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait for the top tube protector. Could have used one when I accidentally swung my handlebar into my Moots, scratching it. Thought of driving off a cliff afterwards!

Anonymous said...

If the new fenders feature side skirts I will definitely be ordering a set.

John I said...

I'm telling ya: integrated inverse brake levers and bar end shifter pods. The world is ready.

Kilroy said...

i can't stand it anymore. how about a description of the new fenders.

Anonymous said...

glad to hear you're doing well! Just finished building up a rando, and Ive never been happier.

my eye is on the luggage….

If you're re-jigging the front bag, a one-piece stiffener is marvellous for this application….

Also a separate inside, wallet sized pocket would be more than useful on any medium-large sized baggage.

Kate Burck said...

"A new and rather elegant chain guard is in the works"
Hot damn I hope that's what I think it is. As someone who's been swayed by the world of the "rather elegant chain guard" I can attest to how hard it can be to find one, and how surprising it seems that no one makes one new.
Also I agree with John I. I sure am ready for that!

enzomatic said...

I was hoping the camper racks would make their debut in time for my pacific coast tour this summer. I've been using your front bag for over a year now, a little more stiffness would be nice, also the plastic on top could be thicker, mine began to get wavy. Also slots on the bottom so that you could strap the bottom down with a front/back facing strap if the other direction doesn't work for you.

Alistair Williamson said...

on the fenders, probably too late, but a bid for

1. An alloy 50mm 700c that'll look good with either 35-42mm tires. (allows customer to upgrade)

You have the zeplin 52mm which is close, but a smooth or fluted 50mm would be great.

2. A 45mm flat top stainless like the Pilen's. Would be great platform for decorated fenders. Leave it undrilled - afterall is for customization.