12 July, 2011

Incoming and More Miscellany

We've been out of some items after our spring rush. It's just really hard to predict future demand. Here is an update on a few of these:

  • The Tall Stack Stems, that many of you have e-mailed about, should arrive next week.
  • 650b wheels and GC touring hub wheels should be here within a few weeks.
  • The new Polyvalent frames are almost finished and we should have a ship date soon
  • Contructeur front racks have been out of stock for month, but we should have more in 3-5 weeks.
  • Metallic brake and derailleur cable kits are on the way, 3-5 weeks.
  • Copenhagen kickstands are in the same shipment.
  • All sizes of Uno sp-248 seat posts are also on the way.
  • 50.4bcd cranks have been delayed for at least a couple of months, no ship date yet. Sorry about this.
  • Another container is due around the end of the month and most other items we're out of will arrive then.
As for miscellany:
  • Bike shops in Canada can soon order VO and Grand Cru products from our new distributor, Fourth Floor Distribution.
  • We are working on a Maxi Frame Build Kit which will include most of the parts required to build up a Rando or Polyvalent kit. We'll have details in a few days.
  • Peter likes our fenders.
  • I'll be traveling for the next three weeks, but the VO staff will maintain the blog.


Anonymous said...

Will the Copenhagen Dual Leg Kickstand adjust to work with 20" wheel bicycles (folder)?

Peter Lombardi said...

i do, i really do! haha but i've liked every VO product that i've ever used :)

dwainedibbly said...

How heavy are the Copenhagen stands? I'm trying to get an idea of their mass relative to the dual leg Pletscher. I'm not a weight weenie, but a Polyvalent with generator hub & lights, Alfine-11, fenders, sprung leather saddle, and a porteur front rack is starting to get a little portly.

Peter: Nice bike! Did you consider leaving the brake boosters off?

Peter Lombardi said...

i did consider it Dwain, i'm just a wuss when it comes to the idea of not being able to stop ;) so i figured better safe than sorry.

i'm also a sucker for style and have always wanted a bike with them on it, sooo, i fell pray to their allure haha

Paco said...

I love those stems. Will they be available in a non-oversize clamp version too? I hope so.

web said...

Butted spokes on the new built wheels?

Alec said...

Dwanedibbly; about 1.5lbs for the Copenhagen stand.

Paco: only 31.8mm clamp for now.

Web: DT Swiss straight gauge spokes.

Anon 3:36 we don't have much experience with folders. Don't know if it works,, by these measurements might help: The kickstand can adjust between 290mm and 330mm high from the bottom of the feet to the top of the mounting plate. From the centerline of the bike to the outside of the legs is 90mm when they're folded, and they're about 30mm wide when folded.

web said...

Alec, Thanks.

I'd LOVE if VO chose to use double butted spokes and pass the added expense on to the buyer. It can't be a major price increase and i think just about everyone would prefer butted spokes.
I guess for now I'll have to keep building my own wheels...