01 July, 2011

VO Garage Sale!

Once again we've accumulated a big pile of odds and ends, literally hundreds of items. Rather than put them on the site we'll offer them all at the second VO garage sale.

What's for Sale:

Prototypes, items we've used on display bikes, items from test bikes, seconds, overstock, returns, and even a few personal items from our employees are for sale. There are wheels, racks, fenders, cranks, a couple of frames, bike luggage, handlebars, stems, etc.

Most everything is priced at about half the retail price. We'll also offer any regular in-stock items at 15% off; this reflects our savings in not having to pack and ship the orders.


The sale will be held from 9am to 1pm on Saturday July 9th, rain or shine. The last sale was big hit, so get here early for the best stuff.


The Garage sale will be at the VO warehouses and office, 1819 George Avenue, Annapolis MD, 21401.

The Fine Print:
  • Nothing can be pre-ordered.
  • Cash or credit card only.
  • The 15% discount is available to those who buy in person, not on-line.
  • Items on sale not included.
  • If you ride your bike to the sale you'll get a free VO Poster. 
  • Garage sale stuff is non-returnable.


Alex D said...

But I live in Miami

Anonymous said...

any chance you'd be willing to ship that porteur chainguard?...I'm guessing it was the prototype that was on the motobecane? thanks.

Anonymous said...

I love Annapolis and would love to stop by, but I live in Florida. Will any parts of this garage sale be on line??? -Tony

misterarthur said...

Help! I live in Detroit!

dscdan said...

Sweet! I live in Silver Spring!

Eric said...

I live near Detroit. You need a web garage sale. :)

Eric said...

misterarthur, we need a Detroit bike swap.

Honor said...

I guess I'm going to have to leave Philly really early that morning if I want one of those switchable dyno hubs in the picture.

I'll be there!

Anonymous said...

Hmm, he did say "instead of putting things online..." so I don't think you get dibs if you're in Florida or Texas or Chicago or the moon... I suspect he's just trying to get rid of the stuff with minimal hassle, hence the low prices, so all the effort of putting them on the website is probably a "no..."

Kate Burck said...

I second the need for a Detroit swap! Someone's got to be able to put one together.

If we're interested in buying something from the garage sale online, how can we do so? Could you call it in maybe?

Alex D said...

There it is, overwhelming support for putting some of these items online for your loyal out of towners

Sonny said...

Can I just buy the gloves and poster sight unseen?

Velo Orange said...

Sorry, but all these items will be available at the warehouse and only during the garage sale. That's why the prices are so low. We want this stuff gone with minimum effort. If we have to photograph, describe, and post a one-off item on the web site that adds a lot more time and cost.