26 July, 2011

Bonne Route!

guest post by Alec Burney

Over the past few weeks, we've been hearing from more and more customers that are excited about their upcoming trips to PBP. I know of two new VO Rando frames that will be rambling around the French countryside this year, and maybe there will be more. This year we've also chatted with a couple folks looking for new handlebar bags for the ride.

Are any blog readers heading to France next month? What are your goals for the ride? What kind of bike will carry you across the finish line? Would you care to share your bike number with us so that we can watch your progress on the PBP website?

Ed & Mary (check out the cool fenders and mudflap!)
I'd like to take the chance to wish a public "Bonne Route" to folks from our local club who are headed to Paris, and to some of our dealers who are taking time off to join the ride.

After the spring brevet season slowed down, most people around here who plan to head to PBP transitioned into a different kind of training. 

I've joined these folks for some short weekend tours - getting up early, riding hard, eating well, and having a few laughs is the best "training"  I can imagine.

Riding PBP is not an easy task, but all of these folks are ready!
Charlie, Gary, Maile

So, best wishes to the amazing tandem couple, Ed & Mary.

And all the other DC Randonneurs going to PBP: Carol, Charlie, Cindy, Gary, George, John, Kelly, Maile, and Nick.



Felkerino said...

Many thanks Alex. It's been a blast riding with you. We'll miss you at PBP. More good times to come I'm sure. We be just of of many with VO products on our bikes.

Anonymous said...


I am going to Paris with my VO Passhunter, I did 1000 km Brevet last weekend, riding solo for 550 km. I have some bad luck with my VO saddle.
I have riden all Brevet series for last 3 years on my VO Passhunter.


Anonymous said...

Will be riding with my VO seatpost, handlebars, leather tape, fenders, and decaleur! Frame 4623.

Best of luck to all the PBP riders!


Steve said...

I'll be riding my VO Randonneur at PBP. I've owned it since last September and it's loaded with VO parts (rack, headset, fenders and BB) or VO purchased parts. The bike has served me well through the qualifying brevets and countless training rides. My frame number is 1501.

Alec said...

Steve! You're riding with Kelly smith (pictured above), right? Rode the Cascade with him? He was telling me the other day that you survived the No Fun Rando Team!

Small world? I tide with Kelly from time-to-time... Please allow me to vicariously enjoy PBP through you.

Jeff Newberry said...

I'm taking my baby blue Rivendell custom with VO racks. The VO rando rack was a fantastic problem solver, able to integrate w/post mounted Paul Racers. Love the rear constructeur rack where I strap on extra clothing. (Man, I'm looking forward to feeling the need for extra clothing-- it's HOT down here in Texas!) Frame number 4606, 90 hour start.


Anonymous said...

I’m off to Paris from NC with my Surly Traveler’s Check. It’s loaded with VO bits:
Fenders, BB,Seatpost,Stem, Leather tape.
Great Grand Cru crank 46x30.
I like the new High/Low hub, with the reassurance that I can replace a drive side spoke without tools.
My VO saddle is just like new after about 800 miles. Sadly, it still feels ‘like new’ after 800 miles, thus I’m off to Paris with my B17.
Cheers, Frame #4593 John M.

Kelly said...


I'm riding my (somewhat less) trusty Dahon Allegro and my frame number is 1503.


David said...

So weird for this Frenchman born and raised ten miles from Brest to read about Americans going to the Paris-Brest-Paris (or PBP as you call it).
I always thought this was a race for old farts in mouldy lycra jerseys advertising the local butcher pulled over their beer gut, riding tired bikes with mudguards, racks and tool kits hanging from the saddle.
And now I catch myself looking at good ole steel frames with interest and desire. Not ready for the lycra billboard, never will be, but I could certainly trade my VTT (that's a mountain bike for us) for a VO, Surly, Rivendell, etc... Next I'll be getting in shape for the PBP?
I'm still baffled to read about this here. Although I heard of the race, I never knew when it was, never went to see "l'arrivée", and hadn't heard about it for at least a decade.
Enjoy the ride and have a few crêpes.

Bill Russell said...

I can't wait! I'm riding my Boulder Bicycle All-Road, complete with VO WB cages, seatpost, brass bell, and rear constructeur rack. Frame # 4617.

You'll recognize me by the tiny foppish rear Berthoud panniers.

See you all there!

FCC said...

My first PBP, riding a Tobacco Sunburst Gunnar Crosshair w/VO Bag up-front, VO saddle and other shiny bits - see you all there

Anonymous said...

This will be my second PBP. I got a Kirk after seeing them at the the first one I did. I got VO stem, bell, bottle cages, brakes and fenders. Just broke my fender on this past weekends training ride but with help from the wonderful People at VO it looks like I will get my replacement in time. Bonne Route! Dave