25 February, 2011

Sugino Weekend Coupon Code

It's time for another coupon code sale. We still have a lot more Sugino cranks than we should. We simply didn't anticipate how many of you would choose the new VO and Grand Cru cranks instead. So we're offering 30% off on any Sugino cranks in stock. We need the warehouse space for the hundreds of VO cranks due in soon.

The coupon code is "cranky".  Click on "My Cart" (not "Checkout") on the top right of the screen to enter a coupon or a gift certificate. The sale runs from midnight tonight (2-25-11) to midnight Sunday (2-27-11) Eastern US time.

Also, check out the items on our specials page.


Anonymous said...

can you use a compact double with, say, a 1980 nuovo record front derailer? anyone? i'd think the answer is "yes," but wonder if the inner plate would need to be longer/lower?

JB said...

Your derailleur shouldn't be a problem. Compact cranksets, unlike triples, don't use special derailleurs.

Anonymous said...

I am using a Dura Ace front derailler on a TA compact triple 48-38-28 and have never had a problem

Anonymous said...


missed it again... please do again sometime!

MJA said...

are there any plans to put out a VO track crankset?