04 February, 2011

Fender Coupon Code

 It's time for another one of our occasional flash sales. This one runs this weekend and is for 20% off on all in-stock fenders. Yes, both Honjo and VO models are included, even the ones on special.

Just in time for spring showers, and mud. In case you didn't see it, the new Bicycle Times review of VO Hammered Fenders is two posts down.

The coupon code is "flashyfenders".  Click on "My Cart" (not "Checkout") on the top right of the screen to enter a coupon or a gift certificate. The sale runs from midnight tonight (2-4-11) to midnight Sunday (2-6-11) Eastern US time.

BTW, here are answers to two very common fender questions:
  • 700c fenders do fit 27" wheels with no problem at all. The difference in radius between the two size wheels is only about 1/4-inch.
  • 650b fenders fit 26" wheels and vice-versa. The fit is close enough that no one will ever notice. If you flex the fender a few mm it can be easily made perfect. Look at the photo below of a 650b and a 26" fender.


Anonymous said...

While the 700c fenders are clearly the biggest market, it would be great to see a narrower option for 26" tires...maybe 45mm?

Anonymous said...

Do the 700c fenders fit onto most 27 x 1 1/4 wheels?

Velo Orange said...

Anon #1: Many people use 650b fenders on 26" bikes and they look fine. So if you want a narrow fender consider the 45mm hammered 650b fender.

Anon #2 So far as fenders are concerned, 700c and 27" are the same size and totally interchangeable.

These two questions are asked so often that I've added the info to the post.

Anonymous said...

I got VO 52mm 650b fenders to cover 26x1.95" studded tires. It was a close fit, but it worked well enough for winter commutes in Wisconsin.

Anonymous said...

Coupon code "flashyfenders" not working in the comment code in the "cart" window.

Velo Orange said...

The sale has not started yet! You have to wait until tomorrow. Or midnight tonight eastern time.

numbnutzz said...

Noooooo!...man, want to get a set of VO fenders for my girl's bike and the sale ended yesterday. Just my luck. Timing really is everything.

Anonymous said...

Hi there! I am desperate to find some sort of *security clips* for VO fenders.
I had a bad crash last summer on my very first ride with VO fenders when a branch got stuck in the front wheel.
Since then...I bought an helmet but i can't find a solution for a quick release front mudguard.
Any advice appreciated!Thanx