24 November, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

Velo Orange will be closed from 4pm today until 9am Monday for the Thanksgiving holiday. We wish all of you a pleasant holiday and hope you have time to get out on your bikes.

If you get bored waiting for the big meal, check out the Velo-porteur-ancien blog. In French, but great photos and lots of examples of how porteur bikes should be set up.

Velogibe is another neat French blog. And you might enjoy collection de vélos anciens Gilbert FAUTRIER and Tonoton Velo.

Anyone know of other cool non-English language sites? Please post.


Anonymous said...

Here's another: http://daniel.clerc2.free.fr/outils_velos.htm

Le Cagot said...


Anonymous said...

I'll pimp my own blog:

Asiaan roadsters and cargo bikes, but in English.


keithwwalker said...


Cute Japanese people touring on Moulton bicycles

Anonymous said...


Any chance of reproducing the deep valence fenders like those pictured on the bike leading off this post?

or maybe somebody already does? They do look conspicuously like beach cruiser fenders.

Anonymous said...


harmless neighborhood eccentric said...


malaysian vintage 3 speed collectors. worth digging into- some of the deeper pages are absurdly cool

Rob said...

Just finished this a couple days ago, with a little bit of help from you guys.
These fenders are amazing and were a dream to instal, not to mention with the coming weather here in Chicago, being able to ride a 2" tire and still keep myself dry is wonderful.
Waiting on a Daija and Pass Hunter racks (and money for them) to finish off the build.
I think these lights would be a great thing for you guys to carry as well, they're the Soma Silver Bullets and they're built really nice.
Thanks again guys, keep it up.

WillemJ said...

This is the site of the Dutch club for bike history and bike collectors: http://www.oudefiets.nl/

Ivan from France said...


This not tonoton vélo, but tonton vélo. Tonton is uncle in french, and it's inspired by a movie call "Les Tontons Flingueurs", very famous in France.

Very beautifull bikes, and accessorys. A true homage to the french bicycles builders.


Anonymous said...

Here's an Italian blog I tripped over-