09 November, 2010

Restocking and Yard Sale

This is why we need more space. Anyone who was here for the yard sale saw that the middle part of this warehouse bay was almost empty. All these boxes are from one 40-foot container. And there is another 40-footer already at sea and yet another soon to be loaded.

Here are some of the items that we were out of and are now back in stock (or will be tomorrow).
We also have a bunch of new products that I'll write about in the next few days.

Speaking of the yard sale, it was a great success and lots of fun. We met a bunch of very nice customers and saw some old friends. Both the warehouse area and the showroom were packed shoulder-to-shoulder for the first hour and pretty darn busy for the rest of the morning. We sold about 80% of the yard sale items and a lot of you got spectacular deals. Thanks for coming!

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Terry said...

The new products you mentioned don't have anything to do with 43mm or 45mm VO fenders, do they?