27 September, 2010

Nice Post About VO

The Path Less Pedaled blog has a nice post about visiting Velo Orange.  As you may remember, Russ and Laura dropped by our shop a couple of weeks ago.

They also have a new e-book, Panniers and Peanut Butter. It's a gear guide based on 14 months of touring:
Panniers & Peanut Butter is 75 pages long and goes way beyond a simple list of our stuff, or even a technical look at the pros and cons of different items. It’s chock-full of photos, tips, stories, lessons - and probably everything you could want to know about all of our gear.


Alberto said...

If it is an e-book, why does the image show what is supposed to look like a real book? If just actually a 75 page e-book, why is it $20 (from their site)? Seems pricy. Any independent reviews?

Anonymous said...

Hah! Ok, I can't defend it being an e-book and it looking like a...... normal book! That said, this is my independent review of the book. What it is: a 76 page e-book (it's a large PDF file). Under the title it says:
"The Path Less Pedaled Bike Camping Gear Guide" And honestly, this is what it is. It isn't stories from the road. It isn't a narrative of the journey. It's mostly an equipment guide with tips thrown in. It's broken down into 7 sections. 1: Short vs Long Tours, 2: The actual bikes they use 3: The Camp Bedroom 4: The Camp Kitchen 5: The Camp Porch (AKA area outside the sleeping area) 6: The Office (AKA the art of working from the road) and last 7: The Wardrobe-what to bring.

All in all it is very gear specific, what they are using, how they use it, how it has worked for them and related suggestions. I really think the book is geared for people who are new to touring or have limited touring experience. If you fall into that group, you will love the book for it's usefulness. If you are an experienced touring personality and already know your bike and your gear, this is more of a donation to their cause (AKA-sending them some cash to keep on trucking)

I think the two most useful section were the Bedroom and Camp cooking. Some nice thoughts and ideas.

As for me, I'm happy to have purchased it. Looking at it like $10 for the information and photos and $10 toward a donation for the two of them to keep riding and doing what I wish I was as I type this review!