10 September, 2010

Rando Mini-Build Kit

Here is the new Rando mini-build kit.

It includes:
  • Rando frameset
  • Grand Cru Sealed Bearing Headset, mirror finish
  • Grand Cru Seat Post
  • VO Rando Rack
  • Tektro R558 brakes
The price is $795. And any other components ordered at the same time are 10% off.

This is a limited time offer, when our existing stock of frames starts to run low it will be discontinued.


superfreak said...

why is the rando cost more then the mixet? i thought mixet bikes were harder to build and deal with.
thx superfreak

Chris Kulczycki said...

The Mixte comes from a different builder, who is a little less expensive. Also, the Rando's lugs are more expensive.

Anonymous said...

Also don't forget that there is still the sad fact that for an equivalent job women oftentimes get paid less than men. The less expensive Mixte kit is just VO's very nice way of fighting this economic injustice.

Merci' VO !

Anonymous said...


Can you supply this kit with a longer steerer tube instead of cutting to fit as shown? I need a longer steerer.



Anonymous said...

This is a threaded headset--if you need handlebar height, you will have to get it via a taller stem.

Anonymous said...

I thought the lower price for mixtes simply reflected weaker market demand. I wonder builders can afford to make them since there can't be much profit in it. Maybe the Rando costs more because part of the cost of producing the mixte is buried in there.

However, the Rando build kit seems a great buy, and I am sorely tempted to sell off my other bikes to get one.

Questions/comments: the list of braze-ons doesn't mention what looks to be a pump pip on the back side of the head tube. Also: bike component descriptions almost always include weight, but this is not true for frames. Finally: does anyone have any comment about the fork rake on the Rando? In the photo it looks a bit awkward, more like a kink or bend, rather than a lovely curve we all prize so highly. I've seen worse, though, and this minor detraction is by no means a deal-killer.