11 February, 2010

VO Will Re-Open Tommorow

Only Heidi, who has a four wheel drive truck, managed to reach Velo Orange today. But the roads seemed to be getting plowed and we plan to be fully staffed and open tomorrow. I think we can get all the Velo Orange orders that came in this week shipped by closing time; sorry for the delay. VO Imports has also had a snow holiday and all those orders should ship on Friday as well.

This is now officially the snowiest winter on record, by 11" I think. And more is predicted for Monday. We're going cross country skiing on Saturday. Anyone else doing snow related fun stuff?


Anonymous said...

I commute every day up here in Ottawa. Only about 5km each way though. Thankfully, nearly all of the roads are plowed by the time I hit the road....strange to think that a winter commute is actually easier up here than it is down there...go figure!

Allan Pollock

Adam said...

Bought some knobby tires and have been tearing up the streets of Baltimore since dawn. For better or for worse, they've been doing a great job clearing up the streets today (saw some plows with "Buffalo, NY" markings on the sides. Thanks, Buffalo!), so it looks like there will be no excuses for society not to back to business as usual by tomorrow.

Gunnar Berg said...

Yeah, I'm staying indoors where it's warm. I'm removing a Regina freewheel from a vintage Phil Wood hub with the special Phil tool that I got FREE from Ted Ernst. It was like a gift from God. It sounds so easy.

Joe said...

And yet, I read in one of my favorite blogs that spring has come early in Juneau, Alaska. 40 degree days, clear roads.

Marty said...

Shipped a frame today, so I guess that qualifies as bike related activity. Planning a restoration of an original Trek TX500, and will be including some choice VO bits. I'll make the trip from PA once the snow has a chance to dry up - let's say June?