24 February, 2010

Off to NAHBS; Showroom Closed Thursday and Friday

Many of us are leaving for the North American Hand Built Bike Show tomorrow morning. So the VO showroom will be closed Thursday and Friday. Orders will continue to be shipped without delay by our ever-industrious warehouse staff.

We'll have a very large booth at NAHBS and we'll display all the Velo Orange and Grand Cru products as well as numerous prototypes. The show is in Richmond, Virginia this year and is well worth attending,


Anonymous said...

it might be worth attending but it is in Richmond. Yuk.

scottg said...

Is stuff going to be for sale ?
what currencies do you take ?
IPA or Bock ?

When in Richmond, remember it was
"The War of Northern Aggression"

Chris Kulczycki said...

We are not bringing anything to sell. We may, however, sell display items at the close of the show if any one wants them.

Despite having been the capital of the confederacy, a friend who lived there says there is very progressive music and arts community in Richmond.

maximus said...

Look forward to seeing you guys in Richmond. It is going to be a great event.

Richmond is a beautiful city and has a very vibrant community of thoughtful, artistic and progressive thinkers. Oh - and a great cycling community.

JoelMatthews said...


and at least one bicycle thief: