15 February, 2010

Chainguard Art

Jeff, from Cheyenne, WY, sent photos of his really cool engraved VO chrome chainguard. Great job! He wrote:
I'm putting on the finishing touches to Miss Hannah's mixte and will be shipping it off to her in Washington DC sometime next week.

I wanted to share with you all what Roger at our local engraving shop--Wyoming Trophy and Engraving--did for Miss Hannah's Velo Orange chainguard.

I sent the chainguard and my quote (with apologies to John Keats--I *was* an English major about a thousand years ago ;-) into town with Terry, my partner and Hannah's Mom, and Roger did the rest.

That chrome guard has been replaced by our new alloy model. This is what the new VO Chainguard looks like:


Matt said...

The engraving is really lovely. Those are wonderful details on a bicycle.

Dottie said...

I really want a classy chainguard like that for my bike with a front and rear derailleur. Is such a product as impossible to find as it seems?

Anonymous said...

Are the chainguards UCI legal ?

I think they might be a massive aero advantage in a Time Trial. Especially the re-designed second version with the added fairing behind the chainwheel.

Have you any plans to enter the Tri market ? Perhaps a Tweed print wetsuit ?

Anonymous said...

I really like the original design better. The newer one looks like it might appear a bit off if one used it with a smaller chainring, like a 42 or 40. The older one, OTOH, might work ok in that circumstance.

patates frites said...


Anonymous said...

I like the tweed wetsuit, for the boomer tri-geeks . . . Also to go with that, a Camelbak disguised to look like a briarwood pipe. thanks for thinking of us.

Anonymous said...

I ordered the Sun chainguard about a year ago. Wanted to know if this is lighter than that one. The sun was is/was made of steel.

Thanks for carrying this product as well as the SKS chainguard I just noticed.