05 January, 2010

VO Threadless BB Review

Tarik's blog, Moscaline, is full of strange and interesting stuff. He just wrote a very comprehensive review of the new VO Threadless BB. And he tried the BB out in no less than five frames, including some odd Raleighs. There are also some detailed installation instructions.

I did want to clarify the part about the best tool to use, a simple old fashioned BB wrench as shown below. A pin wrench also works. There is no need to get it super tight.


Joel said...

Nice review. A lot of detail. Tarik is a great blogger. He has a lot of informed and interesting things to say about bikes, old and new.

Pierce said...

I've been riding that same raleigh as my winter bike, I have it setup with 26 wheels, 1.75 studded tires. After the wheel change, I measured the trail as 39mm. I used VO porteur bars with a wald basket, the thing handles so well with a front load. but about the BB, I happened upon a loose bearing, square taper BB. But now that I see that this fits, I'm probably going to install the threadless.

Anonymous said...

Excellent writeup! Maybe convinced me to pull the trigger.