23 December, 2009

Thanks and Happy Holidays!

I wanted to thank all of you for a great year. Velo Orange enjoyed tremendous growth in 2009. This is particularly gratifying since it was not a very good year for the bike business in general. We were able to bring many new products to market and start some great projects that will see fruition next year.

Our customers have been instrumental in helping us choose and design new components. You've offered great ideas for new bits and fair criticism that help us improve existing offerings. All this reinforces two principles I've long held: Our customers collectively, and often individually, know more than we do, so we listen to them. And I always try to hire employees who are smarter than I am.

Most of our staff has already left for the holidays (with well deserved bonus checks). Thanks guys! But three of us remain here  ready to ship any orders placed before 3pm Eastern time today. All orders that arrive later will be shipped on January 4. The free shipping deal will end on January 3.

Have a wonderful holiday !!!


eflayer said...

same to you. my vo seatpost was my first xmas present. unfortunately i could not wait to open it. on the bike and perfect. you do really fine work all the way around.


Justine Valinotti said...

Chris, Meilleurs voeux pour vous et sa famille--et la famille qui s'appelle Velo Orange. Merci pour votre service et tous les produits uniques qui sont disponibles par Velo Orange.

J'en anticipe bien un nouvelle annee prosperee pour Velo Orange. Remerci!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for being here. All the best in 2010.

Trisha said...

Merry Christmas and happy new year! I will be spending part of my vacation putting the fenders you guys got to me so quickly on Le Peug. Thanks for a great store (and amazing prices).

Anonymous said...

I discovered your site after seeing it mentioned on the Let's Go Ride A Bike blog a few times. I'm looking forward to ordering a few items after I finish moving, and also look forward to the geometry chart for the new mixte frame. (Hopefully you ship frames to Canada?)
Your good year is proof that a well thought out quality business will succeed in almost any economy.

Kilroy said...


Yes, Virginia, there really is a Velo Orange!

Best regards.