18 November, 2009

New Rims and Miscellaneous Notes

The container of rims arrived and we now have 32h and 36h PBP rims. We also have 32h and 36h 650b Diagonale rims. And the new 700c versions of the Diagonale rims just arrived in both 32h and 36h.

The Diagonal rims are very strong triple box section rims suitable for loaded touring,  commuting on rough pavement, and unpaved roads. They are fully polished.

 We also received a few items we've been out of including:
 Most of these items will be available to order later today or tomorrow. VO seat posts are on the way and should arrive in about 3 weeks.

Polyvalent frames have cleared customs on the West Coast and are now being trucked to Annapolis. After much consideration I changed my mind about pre-orders. Sorry, but I decided that it was prudent to carefully check the frames before accepting anyone's money. I don't think this will be necessary in the future, but this is the first batch and I really want to be sure everything is OK.

We are working on the VO web site again. It's 100% functional, but you may notice funny jumping images and changing fonts.


Matthew said...

Yay!! With the 32 hole diagonale rims I can do the 650b conversion of been wanting to do on the fixed gear I made from an early 90's Diamback/Centurian. Fenders time! BTW, does anyone kno whow much the bottom bracket will drop converting from 700c w/ 25m tires to 650b w/ 35 mm tires??

Typenschild delete said...

Roughly 9mm.

Steve said...

How real a 25mm is that 700x25 tire? Some are closer to 22mm, some are actually larger than 25.

The overall diameter of a 650B wheel w/42mm Hetre tire is almost exactly the same as a 700 wheel with a true to stated 23mm tire.

Matthew said...

Its a pretty real 25mm. Conti Gatorskin, fill out the frame much as the previous 28 mm tire did. Thanks for the help guys!

frankenbiker said...

Yeah 8 or 9 mm sounds about right,how about making a frame simalar to the polyvalent 650b that can run (any) 650b tire?Iknow you said that you build bikes for a relatively narrow range of riding,but I am looking for a frame that has roadlike geometry and can handle at least 2"650b's for light off road use and commutting with fenders and just change wheels or tires with 33's to 38's for road and club rides.Thanks for any info.