10 August, 2009

New Stuff

We have a big shipment from Taiwan with new stuff including:

We also got a bunch of stuff we were out of.

It'll take all day, maybe longer to photograph all this stuff and get it into inventory. I'll add links as things are added to the VO Store. Shops can order everything here through VOI. And you may notice considerable price drops on a couple of items.

I remember when a shipment contained 20 or 30 boxes. This one had 160 boxes!


Charlotte said...

I was just this morning grateful for my VO porteur bars, as I ported a bicycle wheel from my home to my office.

Front rack, those bars, some twine - all went perfectly.

Andrew E said...


I'm not sure if this has been brought up recently, but is there a new constructeur front rack in the works?

keep up the good work!

Gunnar Berg said...

My credit card has done my talking for me.

Tom said...

We have cromoly constructor front racks in stock. we are working on a constructor front, rando front and passhunter front rack, all TIG welded stainless. ETA is Jan 2010. Pad that with a little bit of reality.

David Benson said...

Are the 37mm fenders for 700c or 650b?
The website description is unclear.

Andrew E said...

thanks tom!

funny asking this on the tail of the weight weenie post, but do you know the weight difference between the cro-mo and ss versions? I assume that is the main difference?

Samilia Camdenio said...

Speaking of VO leather saddles, can you allow people to comment on their experiences with them, or is there somewhere else I can gather that knowledge.

Andy "What?" M-S said...

Is the fender hardware the new stuff to fix the drawbolt problem I ran into last spring?

Tom said...

The new stainless racks are around 380g. The cromoly racks are around 450g.
The first generation US made Stainless racks were in the 375-380g range from what I recall.

The new fender hardware should reduce some issues we had in the past.

I'll let Chris answer the question about user comments.

bsk said...

The new fender hardware is great news. Any chance you could offer a 3-stay version for bikes without front racks (it is pricey buying all the parts separately)?

EBEEP said...

I'm very glad to see the rear constructeur racks are back; I'd been adding it to my cart every day for the past couple of weeks hoping it would be back in stock. And although the price drop is nice, I will say that the US version appeared to have slightly different proportions; maybe it's just the differing angles between the two photos. The struts on the import model look shorter and/or spaced wider where they attach to the platform. Also, not a big fan of pre-drilled; I know it makes installation much easier, but I'd rather not have the functionless hole in the tang above the mount for 700c wheels. Would you consider just providing the mounting point measurements and leaving them undrilled in the future? Thanks Chris & Tom!

Karl said...

New 37mm VO fenders duly ordered along with the new stainless rear rack.

I hope that they'll fit my Conti Gatorskin 28s, which have always seemed a bit narrower than other 28s.

I am putting them on what is perhaps the World's only Kogswell P58 custom-painted in Orange by Velocolour and will send a photo when done.

I seem to remember Chris, that you have (or once had) a Kogswell P. I am using some RX-100 57mm brakes. Will I need/benefit from Sheldon's Fender Nuts or not?

Velo Orange said...

I'll see what we can do about a stay "kit".

Karl, No Sheldon nuts required.

Dad said...

logging in from brest, france on holiday (yay!) at an internet café trying to use this frog keyboard:

i totally agree with ebeep - lose the predrilled holes - having a spurious hole on a nice bike will look silly - by no means is drilling them difficult.

Tom said...

the second hole makes a great fender stay attachment for bikes that only have one set of eyelets.

Karl said...

Hmmmn. The 37mm fenders look great and after a bit of tweaking, don't rub.

I'm not having as much success with the new Constructeur rack. The placement of the eyelets on my 700c-wheeled Kogswell P means that when the rack is flush with the fender, as it should be, the bottom of the tang runs straight into my quick-release on the rear wheel.

I can put them on the bottom hole of the tang but then the rack sits too far above the fender to connect the two.

Any suggestions?