11 August, 2009

Fender Sale

Since we just received several models of our upgraded fenders, we're putting some of the existing stock of old style fenders on sale. Here are the differences:

  • Our new fenders are all polished, maybe not quite as shiny as Honjos, but darn close. The older ones were matte finish.
  • They now include Daruma bolts instead of L-brackets for the front fenders, but we will have optional VO L-brackets soon.
  • The sliding bridge is stainless steel and slightly thicker so as to better resist rattling.
  • The eyelet bolts are a closed design that's stronger.
  • VO stays are shinier.
  • The R-clips are narrower to better clear the second dropout eyelet on some frames.
  • We have a new 37mm smooth model.
With these improvements I think we've really narrowed the gap between VO and Honjo fenders. Of course the old fenders are still very good and you might pick some up at bargain prices before the rainy season. All the new hardware will also be available separately.

We will continue to sell Honjos because they offer some unique styles and their quality is still the best.


Unknown said...

Do the closed eyelets require you to drill out the threads on the fender eyelet?

Velo Orange said...

Tavis, No; those are for stay-to-fender attachment.