19 July, 2009

Vacation Week

VO will be in slow mode for the next two weeks. Annette and I are off to the Exuma islands for 12 days of R&R. Heidi is finishing up a sailboat race.

Tom alone will be dealing with all the e-mails. Please give him a break and save the non-urgent mail until I return. Orders may ship a day later than normal.

If you're planning to visit the showroom, please call ahead because Tom is the only one there to show you around. The rest of the staff will be hurriedly packing orders.


Ty said...

Sounds great - I hope you have a nice vacation.

frankenbiker said...

WOW! What a little sliver of paradise in that pic.

Kilroy said...

Vacations are nice.

Need anyone to help carry your luggage?

I can check my schedule.

Best regards,

Andrew said...

i found a great leather bicycle bag that I've never seen before, it's an oldie that was made in Germany. I think it'd be something you guys are interested in. where can I send photos?