16 July, 2009

New VO Info Website

Trygve packs orders, helps manage inventory, and is our new web guy. In his spare time he's put together the new VO Info site. I had long wanted a place to post instructions for VO products, a list of VO dealers, and a few helpful articles from this blog. I think Trygve has made a great start on this!

I guess I should ask what other information you'd like to see there. But remember that I'm not Sheldon Brown and don't have his encyclopedic knowledge of all things bike related. So be reasonable.
The photo is of Trygve (on the right) and Sam with a stack of postal bins. It was supposed to be a joke on Heidi, who is in charge of packing/shipping and usually comes in early. But Tom didn't know and knocked the tower over. That's how we amuse ourselves here at VO ;<)

By the way, Trygve's long commute to work is often on a beat low-end moutain bike. Sam is a cat-3 bike racer who's recently been finishing in the top ten in local races. Heidi is only a casual cyclist. All her spare time is devoted to racing her 33 foot sloop and she is not even remotely casual about that. I know because I've crewed for her a couple of times.


Lee said...

That's a nice resource, Chris. Thanks. Just fyi, I noticed that the titles of some of the individual article pages are mis-labeled. For example: http://info.velo-orange.com/MT.html.


Eric said...

You should consider downloading an open source Wiki package to make adding and updating articles much easier. You don't have to allow the world to edit articles, though. We use one at work for software technical documentation and it's a lot easier and quicker than writing HTML files.

Aaron said...

A minor correction: there should be a second C in Bottecchia. It is misspelled on the Info website.

Calvin and Cherry said...

a good beginning, thx.


superfreak said...

how do u prononce trygve
thx superfreak

Anonymous said...


Like a high-point marker designated "V"

Trygve Lie was the 1st secretary general of the UN.

Norwegian origin.

Do I win a prize? I'll have a bagguette (bag, not food). Thanks.

Le Cagot said...

Trig-va, Norwegian for strong.