31 October, 2008

Aardvarks and Saddles

With winter weather coming we've had lots of requests for Aardvark neoprene saddle covers, which we've had a hard time keeping in stock. So I wanted to tell all of you who've been waiting that we just got a big shipment and have plenty in stock.

It's important to keep leather saddles reasonably dry. A little rain won't hurt, but repeated wetting can cause leather saddles to loose their shape.

Surprisingly, Brooks saddle covers are not really waterproof and their fit is rather baggy. I also don't care for the big logo that might as well say "Steal this expensive saddle". I think the tighter fitting and waterproof Aardvark covers are far superior. Note thatAardvark makes two styles of covers. The thin and inexpensive Lycra cover is not very durable, but the neoprene model (the one we stock) is very nice and longer lasting.

This is also a good time to treat your leather saddle with Proofide, which is still the best. Don't forget the under side.

Speaking of saddles, another shipment of VO model 6 saddles will be here next month and we'll have a new VO saddle specifically for city bikes.

Finally, Aardvark covers are also available wholesale to other bike shops from VO Imports, as are VO saddles.


Anonymous said...

Chris, does Aardvark make a wide cover that would fit a B-66/B-72? If so, I definitely want one.

Anonymous said...

Are you going to import a chainguard you mentioned sometime ago that works with front derailleurs?

Anonymous said...

Speaking of proofide, what do folks here think of Obenaufs?

I've heard (and belive) it's the best thing in the world for boots, and have seen some very strong arguments to use it on Brooks Saddles.

Anyone here have experience with them side by side?

Anonymous said...

I can't imagine putting lycra or neoprene between my Brooks and my tweed knickers. Can't VO make a leather saddle cover for Brooks saddles? I'll be waxing my cotton duck if anyone needs me.

Anonymous said...

How about a cheap plastic saddle with bag loops?
I'm thinking of s. th. like a Ritchey groove comp with firmer padding and - of course - bag loops

Anonymous said...

why are you getting only the model 6?

Anonymous said...

What, no antique brown? Jeez, I guess I'll have to keep using those plastic grocery bags.

Seriously, these look great. I'll have to order one or two. As usual the price is right.

Anonymous said...

I take my Brooks of in winter and ride a Rolls.

It is not just the salt and snow, that I can barely keep off with a cover.
It is the temperature changes. I ride to work in -10F and then put the bike in my office where it is 65F. Ruined a few Brooks that way.

Just as a FYI

Anonymous said...

I say what do be the good chap and design us some stretchy tweed saddle covers and what not and what have you. I say what I do rather fancy buying a handlebar mounted gin flask halter.

- Jeeves

Anonymous said...

anon 31/10/08 14:51-

Yes. It takes some time. it is not an off the shelf thing. unless you want something cheap and plastic.

Anonymous said...

that is mass production crap

ChrisCullum said...

I've said before and I'll say it again, the Brooks saddle cover is probably the worst cycling product I've ever bought. Get the Aardvark, don't bother with the Brooks.