15 October, 2008

VO on E-Bay, an Experiment

I've decided to try a little experiment. We have lots of sample parts, one-off items, and odd bits laying around the shop and I want to try to sell them on E-bay. I'm curious to see what folks think these various items are worth. It also seems that more people will find out about VO from the

In any case we have a new E-Bay identity "veloorange". I'll add lots of component and accessories listings as over the next few weeks.

Apparently it takes a few hours for the items we list to start showing up in searches or in the "Items from this seller" link, so please check back this afternoon.


Anonymous said...

Here's the direct link:



Greg said...

I don't know if I could bid confidentally on anything from a seller with no feedback and a feedback score of zero.


Tom said...

It's not like Chris is living in a villa in Nigeria.

or maybe he is.....who is this Chris character?

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, now all of your rabid fans will be bidding against each other!


- A Rabid Fan & Satisfied Customer

Anonymous said...

eBay is where I first learned of Velo Orange, some time ago. I think it was the elk hide bar covers listed on there that first got my attention. I eventually bought some of those, and they are as good as they look in the photos.

Some friends of mine who own a bike shop use eBay all the time to sell things like pedals that come with new bikes, but none of their customers want. Having an "outlet store" has made it much easier for them to trade out components on new bikes, since they don't have to put the stuff they pull off into the display case and hope someone will want it.

Anonymous said...

Sweet, JDM pedals! Now I just need a "Type-R" sticker and yellow brake calipers.

Anonymous said...

I think it is a great idea... I'm sure you have items around you'd like to sell but don't necessarily want on the VO web store.

doc said...

Great idea. You might want to time your auctions to go off on Sunday evenings, when there appears to be the most activity.

I also like to use the Buy it now feature.

Anonymous said...

Do you ship worldwide?


Velo Orange said...

We will ship worldwide at the actual US postage cost, which you can estimate at usps.com.

I'll put up some "buy it now" items soon.

Anonymous said...

I think you must offer another way of payment besides PayPal. You already accept major CC's at your yahoo retail site. ... Read up on PayPal. They are lame.