27 November, 2007

New Old Products

We have a few new items for your approval.

The Simplex Super LJ 503 front dérailleur is one of the best and most elegant front dérailleurs of all time. They are especially good with TA Pro 5 Vis and Stronglight 49D cranks because of the flat outer cage plate. The seat tube clamp is a lovely casting with the sunburst Simplex "S" logo, but don't over tighten the clamp; they can snap. Last time we found a box of these they sold out quickly.

I found a few of these old bag supports; they're not really decaleurs, or maybe they are. In any case, I used one for many years and they are fine for a light load, but the weight is too high up for more than a few pounds. They are good because they can be changed from one bike to another in seconds and they allow you to use your handlebar bag on almost any bike.

We also have another new handlebar. The Tourist bar is a "North Road" style bar rendered in polished aluminum alloy. The bulge is 25.4mm, width is 54cm and it has about 7cm of rise. And at $20 it's a great deal.

Dropout adjustment screws often get bent or lost and replacements are hard to find, so we decided to stock them. These are brand new Algi standard 3mm screws and they are available in 25mm or 35mm length.

We also found a case of Huret single lever stem mounted shifters. These are new-old stock shifters that are terrific for city bikes with only a rear dérailleur.


nv said...

the Tourist bar looks great - I've been waiting over a month to get an Albatross from Riv (don't even get me started about that!) - I would have absolutely gone with this one for the difference in price had it been available when I ordered.
Does it accept bar end shifters?

Chris Kulczycki said...

NV, They don't accept bar end shifters. Sorry.

Michael S said...

Can the Simplex dérailleur with TA Pro 5 Vis crankset work with Campy Ergo 10?

Anonymous said...

If the chain rings are narrow enough for a 10s chain and the shifter is a triple compatible version everything should work.

Chris Kulczycki said...

Yep, the Simplex dérailleur will work with 10 speed Campy Ergo.

Anonymous said...

I had one of those bag supports in the 70's (when it cost 5 or 6 dollars). They work OK if you run a strap behind your head tube to reduce bouncing.

greg said...

By coincidence, I dug up that same Simplex single shifter to use on an old MTB-to-city bike conversion with rear derailleur only. I'll report back on how it works with a modern derailleur.

BTW, that shifter was originally on an old Raleigh as a top tube (not stem) shifter.

Gino Zahnd said...

Does the Simplex work with a triple?

Chris Kulczycki said...

Greg, The top tube shifter was similar, but the Huret shifter has a 22.2mm clamp for a stem, rather than a 25.4mm clamp.

Gino, That is a triple dérailleur.

Boggy said...

Hi. Have you seen a testach new canti brake "Flog"?
It has a triangle holed shape like as Rene Herse's original canti brake.
It is installed on latest GrandBois bicycle.


Len Gilbert said...

Any additional pictures (for example, from the top as if attached to a stem?)