23 November, 2007

Fun Links and A little News


Nerdy pant clips for would-be superheroes.

Magnificent city bike collection, and it's for sale. Check out this Bianchi. (Thanks for the tip Joe)

A retro Italian city bike.


The latest shipment of Ostrich handlebar bags, that we keep selling out of, will be here next week.

The Courier racks will arrive in about a week.

We ran out of brass bells, the first time that's ever happened, but we'll have another shipment in a few days.

We are working on a VO seat post. Goals include good setback, smooth adjustment, forged alloy construction with (if possible) a butted tube, and a shiny finish. I'm hoping for a price of around $40.

We might soon have news about a new VO road pedal with really nice bearings, a grease port, replaceable road cage, and a reasonable price. I should have word on whether someone can make these in a week or two. If the road model can be sourced, we'll try to get a touring cage that will fit on the same body.

We are still waiting for the Herse-style cable hangers and the VO water bottle cages. Both projects have been delayed by the need to fix or review little details. But both projects are well underway.

I hurt my back and will be in bed for a few days. I know a lot of folks were planning to drop by the VO showroom today. Sorry that I won't be able to meet you. But Annette and Heidi are holding down the fort.


Unknown said...

Pain meds must have some side effects.

Annette and Heidi

mpetry912 said...

Chris sorry to hear about your back and hope you're feeling better soon !


Anonymous said...

I hope you´ll get well soon, chris! I don´t mind if Anette & Heidi think you are an hypochondriac - looking at spermicellis site also made me feel like laying down imediately - these bikes are so unbelievable awfull beauties - thank you for this one of a thousand link - kudoos out for joe also! thanx!!!

Anonymous said...

The sexy handlebars make another appearance on the white Bianchi Sport Regio Brevetto.
Reproduce these handlebars please.

Get well soon.

Anonymous said...

Those bikes on the Spermicelli site ... are so very cool ... and I know I should not be allowed to ask this but where are the prices? ... assuming they are for sale.

And yes there are a few that could inspire some high quality retro copying. Where does one get those cool all white tires ... or what about those all red Pirelli tires on one of them. I've noticed this kind of high quality retro look is slowly moving back into the bike design business. Obviously I'm not the only one salivating on at these bikes. More comments on these please!

Anonymous said...

ttp://Scott Davis has 700-32 NOS white tires.


Anonymous said...

The chain case on the white Bianchi as well! The red Bonfanti is incredible.

Get better soon!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Gunner for the heads up on SDBicyclegarage.com. Cool store.

Anonymous said...

Hi Chris,

Hope you are feeling beeter soon. I'd be interested in your seatpost - if it had a more than average setback. Since the disappearance of the Time aluminium post there's nothing that will get a brooks far enough back on most production frames for me.



Anonymous said...

try the CLB seatpost, available at Wallbike. It has 35 mm of setback.