09 October, 2007

Rack Photos

I'm really pleased with the new chrome plated VO racks. One always worries that the production version won't be as nice as the prototypes, but in this case they might even be better. These racks cost $80 to $85 and are a spectacularly great deal. Ask your local frame builder how much they would charge for a similar rack, over $200 I'll bet. Click on the pictures to enlarge them.


Robert Hudson said...

Nice job!
I will be wanting those on my VO city bike.

Nate said...

But, but I am waiting and waiting and longing and longing for a courier rack. When?

Anonymous said...

To my eyes, on my monitor, the production racks do look nicer then the custom racks. Looking forward to trying one out shortly!

Unknown said...

How much load can those rear racks bear when they're attached at the fender? Would it be appropriate to sling one or two of the Ostrich paniers filled with groceries onto such a set up? Could the rack take such a load? Could the fender?

Velo Orange said...

Nathan, I'm waiting for the courier racks too. Soon, but not very soon.

Matthew, These are not racks for huge loads of groceries, though they are very very strong. They are intended for slightly loaded pannier on an inn-to-inn tour or a laptop and papers for work. We'll soon have Campee racks for bringing home a case of wine and a couple of legs of lamb.

Anonymous said...

Can you please post the dimensions on the front rack platform?

Anonymous said...

What is the difference between the constructeur racks and the chrome plated constructeur racks?


Velo Orange said...

NV, The front rack platform is about 11 x 20cm.

Alf, The original constructeur racks are made of stainless steel, which will last almost forever. The chrome plated versions will need to be re-chromed after a few decades.

Anonymous said...

"after a few decades" sounds pretty much like forever. I wonder if the plating'll hold up in the tropics, or if I should just go the whole hog and do the stainless now.