15 October, 2007

Quick Change Pedals and Other Neat Gadgets

One of the problems with using my rando bike for short rides is that I don't like to change into bike shoes. Of course I could get out a wrench and change pedals. The best solution, however, is MKS's quick change, or "EZ" pedals.

The EZ system works like the release on a high pressure air line. You push a little ring and the pedal releases, then you can snap in another. It's all very quick and almost effortless. Since I have MKS MM-cubes on three of my bikes, they are my favorite clipless pedal, it's easy to switch to the EZ version. My other pedal is the very well made MKS Promenade EZ, which is double sided and can be used with toe clips. I use mine with half clips.

We'll have the pedals in the store soon. They are not cheap, but I think their convenience makes them well worth the price.

The second photo is of the ViVa bag loops on a saddle. A few folks wanted to see what they looked like when mounted.

Derek Z. told me about the cool new Surly rear cable hanger on the right. We'll have them in the store in a few days.


Anonymous said...

Chris - how do you mount the Surly cable hanger?

Anonymous said...

Yes, how?

Anonymous said...

Oh yes. I forgot to mention - I like it when you post pictures of the parts when they are installed. It really helps to see what they look like on the bike and how they are mounted. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

My guess is that it hangs from the seat binder bolt. Good idea.

Velo Orange said...

Anon. Exactly! It hangs over the binder bolt.

Anonymous said...

Rocks. A good idea that I totally missed!

Chris, can you tell us how long the hanger is.

Also, I wish it didn't have the 'S' printed on it.


Anonymous said...

As Chris mentioned, it hangs off the binder bolt. If there isn't enough room to tighten the bolt down sufficiently (this may be the case on one of my older frames) simply whack the rounded end of the hanger a few times with a hammer to flatten it a bit. And I'd be willing to bet that black "S" will polish (or could be stripped) off no problem. It's about 70mm long and stainless steel. It's surprising it's taken this long to source something like this but kudos to Surly, it's a nice design.
Action shot (not mine) here:


Anonymous said...

I like that pedal system, but I wish it used standard SPD cleats. Otherwise, I'll have to convert the whole fleet. (or buy extra shoes) Will you sell the parts separately so we can use one set of pedals on several bikes?
Is there an SKS one-sided clipless pedal that will work with this system? I have a few bikes with very low BB height and need as much clearance as I can get.

Anonymous said...

The quick release pedals are a really nice idea in theory but would be a tough sell for me. First, I (and assume most folks) have perfectly functioning pedals that don't need replacement. Second, with this set you cannot choose your pedal. The cube doesn't do anything my two sided SPD's will not and the Promenade is not my flat pedal of choice - not enough traction. Third, it only realistically takes a few more seconds to throw on different shoes than it would to switch quick release pedals. If the QR chuck was widely accepted and lots of pedals were offered in a QR option, that might be a different story.
my 2 cents...

mpetry912 said...

here's what the Viva bag loops look like from the top side


They are cool. Thanks for stocking these items, Chris.

Mark Petry
Bainbridge Island, WA

Anonymous said...

those pedals look cool. are they strong enuf for heavy riders that stand when peddling? what about on mtb? is the coupling secure enuf for many remove/replace cycles? i like them but am cautious they can be used really hard. thx superfreak

Velo Orange said...

We'll stock extra couplers if folks want them, so you can put the pedals on several bikes.

There are no one sided clipless pedals in this system.

The Cube pedal was developed for MTBs and I've read that it's popular for cyclocross in Japan. The pedals are very rugged; I've used them for years and I'm over 200lbs.

The couplers look pretty beefy too, and can be replaced separately. They are also popular on high-end travel bikes.

By the way, the pedals include little snap-on rings that prevent the pedals from uncoupling accidentally. These might be useful on mountain bikes or cross bikes, though I don't use them on the road.

Mark, Thanks for the photo; nice bike.

Anonymous said...

According to the Calhoun Cycle website, the MT-E, AR-2 and XP pedals by MKS are also available in the EZ system. So there are other choices out there. Looks like it was designed for folding bikes. But no reason not to use the quick change idea on other bikes as well.

Andrew Karre said...

What does the coupler do to the pedal spindle length (and thus the all-important-to-my-knees Q factor)? Hard to tell from the photos, but it looks a little longer than normal.


Anonymous said...

I bought those MKS quick release pedals for my Airnimal Joey folder years ago. Truth be known, I never even bothered to take them on/off for travel after a while.

Anonymous said...

What cleats do the MKS cube pedals use?

Are replacement cleats widely available? Will VO carry them?

Anonymous said...

I use the cube's on my ritchey breakaway travel bike. I weight 250lbs. No problem. I would recommend using the retention clips even on the road. I was able to accidentaly release the pedals, even with the clips ON. I was not riding but wait for someone next to a little short stone wall, somehow the pedal came down on the edge of the wall pushing the clip up and releasing the pedal. I would not thought it possible but it is.

Mike Schmidt said...

I used these pedals during my recent trip to Italy for L'Eroica. The fact that I did not have to pack a pedal wrench was well worth the investment plus the pedals maintained the required classic look for the bike.

Mike Schmidt
Stirling, NJ

Velo Orange said...

Goon, They use MKS cleats and we do have spares.

Utah Curmudgeon said...

Chris, will you be offering the pedals w/o the couplers? e.g. If I bought the cubes w/ couplers I wouldn't need an extra set of couplers with the promenades.

Velo Orange said...

Glenn, If you had a second set of couplers you could buy another VO frame to put them on ;<)

Actually, the problem is that MKS currently doesn't sell the pedals without the couplers, but if we start selling a lot of them, I'm pretty sure I could convince them to sell us a case without the couplers.

RMHampel said...

I'm not sure the question about Q-factor was answered. Do the EZ couplers affect Q vs the similar non-EZ versions?