17 September, 2007

Derek's Velo Orange

Derek sent some very nice photos of his new frame, which was built up for fast riding. Here's what he said in the e-mail:

The bike is lovely, and although it was a bargain, I cannot imagine anybody finding fault with it at any price. It certainly can hold it's own against custom frames costing many times more and the restraint and elegance in lug choice, lug filing, decals and paint color and execution make this bike, IMO, second to none in both aesthetics and build quality - not to mention value!
I can honestly and quite happily say that it exceeded my expectations.
Let me know if you would like any further info...

Build as follows:
Dura Ace 9 speed brifters
Nitto Noodle Bars
Nitto Dynamic 2 stem
Tange headset
Shimano 47-57mm reach brakes
9 speed Ultegra hubs laced to Torelli Master rims
Non-Tourguard 32mm Paselas
Sugino AT crank, Tange bottom bracket, Shimano SPD pedals
9 speed Dura Ace RD
105 triple FD
Sram 12-26 cassette
Nitto Jaguar post
Regal saddle
Salsa cages
Here's an album with the rest of the photos. Thanks Derek!


Anonymous said...


Michael S said...

I'm no expert, but that looks like a really short stem. When the frames are designed, do you and Johnny do so with a specific components in mind?

Very pretty bike, nonetheless.

Phillip Franklin said...

I noticed also that the bike has a relatively short stem. I assume that since this is not a custom bike in terms of individual geometry that Derek choose that stem for a good reason.

I've notice that since many stock geometry sizes use longer top tubes than .. say in the 1970's, those riders with shorter arm length (such as yours truly) need shorter stems for these newer steel stock designs. It seems just a 10 or 20mm shorter stem can make a a world of difference.

BTW that's a very nice looking frame and appears to be very well built.

nv said...

It's short (8 cm). I ride short stems on all my bikes.
No fault of Chris or Johnny.

ANDY said...

A while ago, there was talk on this blog about the feeling of only being attracted to a bike that's your own size. Anything too small or too big just didn't look "right". Well, Derek's bike is way too big for me. BUT, it looks just right.

Joel said...

Very nice, Chris and Derek. Johnny's lug work as always excellent. Nice component mix. The Regal saddle is lovely. You guys really did your homework.

mpetry912 said...

I have ridden the silver V-O during Jan's testing and found it to be really great. The extra wide bars were not to my liking, but that's got nothing to do with the frame. It's really nicely detailed, with all the little bits for mounting racks, fenders, etc, and a great value.

It is tested in the new issue of the Bicycle Quarterly which landed today!

Mark Petry
Bainbridge Island, Wa