17 September, 2007

Mounting Lights and a 60th Anniversary Mercian

I've been promising to develop a little mount to attach B&M mounts to VO (and other) racks. Here are a couple of photos. You could probably make one yourself; it's basically just a strip of stainless steel with a slight "S" bend. As soon as I return from Interbike, I'll meet with a US manufacturer we sometimes work with and have a bunch made. They should be under $10 each.

I'll also ask if they can make the VO handlebar mounted water bottle cage adapter.

Several folks have asked about mounting B&M Retro lights on fenders. All you need to do is remove the included light mount and reverse it as in the photo on the right. Be sure to use a large washer under the fender.

On another subject, does anyone have an opinion on which brand of moderately priced LED blinkey and LED handlebar mounted LED light is best? We're thinking of stocking the B&M models, but are there others we should try?

Kyle just received a new Mercian 60th anniversary frame. If you like beautiful bikes you might want to see this page and this one too. It's nice to see the VO bits on it Kyle; and thanks for sharing.


Alan said...

I've been pleased with my cateye front and rear lights led lights. I would love a nicely designed mount for a front rack so that I can mount the light onto something other than my handlebars.

Unknown said...

I wish there was a nice-looking, battery powered, rear, fender-mounted light.

Anonymous said...

Dear Chris:
It doesn't do well in comparison to the extreme high end, such as the DiNotte family, but my Planet Bike SuperFlash rear blinky is daylight-visible -- and Planet Bike has quite a selection of light mounts on their web site.

On the front, I'm currently using Cateye EL-530 and an El-400 (both usually in steady state mode) with a Princeton Tec EOS light on the helmet, usually in the lowest level steady state position. That combination seems to be visible to oncoming left-turners, although I've learned there are no guarantees in that regard.

Anonymous said...

I've been thinking a lot about light mounts as I wait in line for my VO rando frame. I want front and rear LED generator lights and have been using a DLumotec Oval in front, but can't think of an elegant way to mount that on the front VO rack. The new B&M Lumotec IQ Fly is interesting as well and I'm wondering if that will be easier to find a good mounting spot.

Also trying to decide on rear generator light placement. Find some custom rear light solution like the Weigle light or do a standard rear fender light mount or something custom for the rear constructor rack? I'm hoping to see more examples of light mounts (especially with the VO rack/frame) before I have to decide.

Anonymous said...

As far as inexpensive blinkies, the Planet Bike Superflash is indeed the best. I have three, and they're so good I gave my Cateye LD-1000 to a friend.

The DiNotte taillight is superior to everything else. Their headlights are really nice and bright, too. I don't know how they fit into the Velo Orange philosophy, but lighting is one area where higher tech is better, IMHO.

Anonymous said...

John said:
I wish there was a nice-looking, battery powered, rear, fender-mounted light.

And indeed there is. Spanninga SPXb.
Includes a very good reflector, too.

Detailed photo:


Anonymous said...

Re: that lamp bracket - I definitely will want one. Please be sure to make it sturdy enough to support an E6 headlight - a pretty heavy beast as headlights go.


Anonymous said...

The Mercian is very well done. English lug work is usually a tad over done for me. Not here. Those lugs are beautiful and the build up very thoughtful.

Those look like Royce hubs?

Unknown said...

Another vote for the Planet Bike Super Flash. It seems to be about the best rear blinkie out there, and cheap too.

I have the Planet Bike Super Spot on the front. Seemed like a real value for the money compared to the Cateye, but quite well constructed. Handy bracket.

benny said...

Another vote for the Planet Bike Superflash. Can't beat it. I also like my Planet Bike 5 LED Beamer for the front.

Anonymous said...

For front LEDs, the best value out there is the one MEC sells as the Shark--a 1W LED and 3 AAA batteries. It's small and throws a powerful beam and MEC sells it for around $10 Canadian. Nashbar sells the same thing in a different color for around $30!

Anonymous said...

having lost a ton of binky's over the years I am always concerned by the mounting method, I had not seen anything really different until I found the beautiful anamorphic forms of the Knog lights, I use Knog Frog all the time...I even love the their texture...

David said...

I'm a big Planet Bike fan. The stuff is just fine, it does the job, its inexpensive, and they do their part in terms of advocacy.

My theory of blinkies is that you shouldn't get bent out of shape when they get stolen, or smash against something, or whatever.

And of course, planet bike makes a nice versatile clip for attaching things to racks. With not much effort, you can make it work well on a fender too. I do it all the time for friends.

I'm also a big fan of the serious 3M (or others) reflective tape, the FHA-approved stuff you see on the back of semis. The common reflective tape marketed to cyclists doesn't hold a candle to it, so to speak. It's expensive, but when you realize that 12" at 3" wide is plenty for a bike and helmet, it's really not much.

David said...

Isn't it fun that we have such divergent and passionate feelings about blinkie lights. Hurray for diversity.

Also, I forgot where I am. PB stuff likely doesn't quite have enough aesthetic virtue to fit in at V-O. I get confused because some V-O stuff is superior-form-following-superior-function, and some is superior-form-just-'cause, but very little is just -function-.

TN said...

Perhaps a bit late, but I use ree-lights on one of my bikes, which are nice enough, although the magnets to power them are a bit clunky looking (and should have reflectors on them anyway).

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