20 September, 2007

Building the Long Distance Bike

David Rowe is a persistent fellow; he's been asking me to read and mention his new e-book for months. Well, I finally read , A Rider's Guide To Building the Long Distance Bike I am glad that he is.

The book is based on the transcript of a panel discussion at this year's North American Handmade Bike Show. The panel included President of Independent Fabrication and former race mechanic Matt Bracken, Frame builder Steve Rex, Race Across America director Terry Zmrhal, and Matt Eames, Head Technician, Shimano Multi-Service program.

There's lots of good advice here. Most of the discussion is related to event bikes, RAAM, Brevets, but it also applies to light touring. Much is stuff you probably knew, but may have forgotten you knew. In any case, A Rider's Guide To Building the Long Distance Bike is well worth reading for anyone contemplating a new bike.

A Rider's Guide To Building the Long Distance Bike is available from RoadBikeRider.com. David also has an excellent site called Ready to Ride.


Greg said...

And what's that bike in the photo?

That's a rhetorical question. I find it interesting given that 650B probably isn't on the radar of any of the panel members you mentioned. Go VO! Go Kogswell!

nate said...

ahh, not so fast greg. I know that terry z. had a saluki before the bike pictured even had its wheels built. i know because i talked to terry z. about it before i built those wheels!


Greg said...

Good to know Nate. Of the panel members listed I would have picked the RAAM director to be most open to "unusual" wheel sizes.

And of course it's an awesome photo. Bike is pretty nice too.

I stand by my original exclaimation: Go VO! Go Kogswell!

Matthew said...

I think it's the best photo of a bicycle ever. I can smell the pine and feel the thin air. And if I look at it long enough I get a sunburn.

Nice work, Nate. You have a superb eye.