22 August, 2007


A few short notes:

Grand Bois tires are in stock again. We have both the 700C x 30 and the new folding version of the 650B x 32. Bicycle Quarterly says: "One of the best tires we have ridden: light, fast, and comfortable." The already legendary Grand Bois tires are a reproduction of classic French randonneuring tires. They are made in Japan to a very high standard and are now my standard tire; I love them. They are as close to a classic handmade touring tire as can be found today. I expect we'll sell out soon.

We bought a small quantity of 43mm hammered and smooth standard length Honjo fenders from another importer. We hope these will give us enough stock to last until our big shipment from the factory arrives, but they might sell out fast. They should be here next Wednesday.

All the TA cranks have arrived except for the box of 170mm crank arms. Those seem to have been held up at customs.

We'll be closed this Friday.

Interbike is only a month away and I hope to get several new product samples there. What new stuff should I look for?

Finally, would anyone be interested in a stainless steel version of VO fenders?


blasdelf said...

Stainless steel sounds pretty awesome if they don't cost too much more…

Joel said...

The best I can do about stainless steel V fenders is to say it sounds like a very good idea.

I would be interested, but my three bikes have VO sourced Honjos. The quality is so high, I doubt much I will be needing any soon.

One thing, on an earlier thread you told a commenter there was not much demand for 26" fenders. With chrome Walds becoming somewhat hard to get, I wonder if Cruiser restorers might come calling about a stainless 26".

They would not have to be the old size either. I restored a 1960 Typhoon for niece to bring to college with her. The steel rims were shot, so I had the LBS make mountain bike tires around some restored hubs and used some mountain bike fenders. They fit fine.

thefastfifty said...

I thought this would be ab out a line of Velo-Orange cycling shorts (made of wool, of course). Not a bad idea, really. AFAIK Ibex is the only offering currently, at $80 or so retail.

Am I the only one who wishes I could wear all wool all the time?


johnson said...

the problem with the ibex shorts is the lycra panels wear out at a different rate and fade differently than the wool panels, and so look pretty ragged after a year of use. (in my experience) kucharik actually makes shorts in america that are 100 percent merino, which is nicer looking and feels better after a really long day in the saddle. i also have some santini all wool shorts that are amazing, it would be interesting to see if they would make them again. real leather chamois...

as for interbike: a nicer than the mks lyotard esque toe-clipable platform pedal...

selle anatomica saddles

leather touring shoes

nice crochet gloves

rain capes

viva bar tape

brooks bar tape

someone to remake the cyclo tourist rear mech

someone to remake those rad aluminum bottles with tied on cork stoppers

a nice looking old school chrome odometer

a good silver cased bottle dynamo

ok thats it for now.

Anonymous said...

Stainless or aluminum, makes no big difference to me - but how about 40mm widths? 46mm is too wide (my opinion) for 28-30mm tires, and I'd rather pay VO prices than Honjo or Berthoud prices.

Chris Kulczycki said...

Stainless steel fenders weigh a lot more, but they are extra rugged for city bikes and commuters that get left outside all day. That would be the main reason to make them.

Short??? I love wool jerseys, but not wool shorts. Sorry.

Johnson, that's quite the list ;<) I'm working on the gloves, Viva bar tape,and some leather tape that's a lot better than Brooks tape.

We decided not to get into shoes and clothing yet, just gloves.

I've heard mixed reports about Selle Anatomica saddles so we should wait until we are sure they'll last a good long time.

Annon, I'm working on narrower fenders, but there are technical issues; the factory doesn't have the proper tooling; so it may take a while.

johnson said...

wool shorts are great once you sweat a bit in them. merino wool wears out too fast. gotta get the semi scratchy stuff.

i heard brooks tape stretches alot.

JoelMatthews said...

I have these wool knickers:


They definitely were designed by someone living on the Pacific Coast. As thin and comfortable as the wool used is, Midwest summer heat and humidity has them waiting on the shelf for Autumn.

I used them a few times in May. I found them well suited for mid-distance riding. Please note, I did not wear knee socks.

neil berg said...

I would second Joel M's opinion of wool. It'll just kill you in heat and humidity.

Also I would second Chris on the Grand Bois tires. They are simply the best clinchers I've ever ridden on. They feel light and fast, and just suck up the bumps. Incidently, they are also the chosen tires of that great randonneur, Jan Heine. Man, I just got the chills when I read his P-B-P times. This is what it's all about; cyclists riding for satisfaction of just riding and riding well. Well done, Jan.

And also a public Happy Birthday to Alec! We enjoy watching you grow.

Anonymous said...

Are you going to have the new Grand Bois Hetre tires?

James said...

I'd like so see SS mudguards and a matching chaincover of some sort. Ideally with a satin finish. Berthouds are too shiny to my eyes.

James said...

Has anyone sent you any photos of bikes with the VO chaincase attatched?

Alan said...

I'd love to try a pair of wool shorts. I have an Ibex merino wool t-shirt that is a great weight to wear while riding. I second the notion of wearing wool all the time.

A decent pair of crocheted gloves would be a huge step up from the crappy nashbar pair that I currently use.

C said...

I've tried Kucharik and Ibex shorts and really didn't like either. I just don't see the point. Wool knickers make sense but wool shorts don't.

Louis Garneau has some nice knit back gloves. I've had a pair for 6 months now that are holding up great.