27 August, 2007

A Shipment From Nitto

We just received several boxes from Nitto. Inside I discovered a long awaited shipment of water bottle cages. I'm delighted every time I see them, Japanese aesthetics expressed in a humble water bottle cage. They are at once graceful, elegant, practical, and strong. Nitto cages are nothing less than works of art beautifully crafted in 18-8 stainless steel and polished to a mirror finish.

There are two models. The curvaceous model R (racing) weighs only 53gm. Then there is the rugged model T (touring) that weighs but 2 grams more and hints at a '50s French style. You might also be interested in knowing that we've lowered the price of the cages from $55 to $39.

They are almost too pretty to put on your bike.

We also have more M12 racks and the exquisite Nitto SP72 "Jaguar" seatpost.


david_nj said...

I think the "Model T" type is unbeatably attractive. But doggone it, with that model it's a pain to get your bottle in and out compared to modern cages, and it doesn't really clamp the bottle. Prolly not the best choice for hard group rides. But the thing should be in MOMA, it's that enticing.

neil berg said...

I have both. I feel the same way about the design of the "R", which also works well with the spiffy VO bottles.

Anonymous said...

I have Model R's on two bikes. They're the best functioning, as well as by far the best looking, water bottle cages I've ever used.


Joel said...

I had a Model R on my city bike, but ultimately replaced it with a King cage. The R is very beautiful and functional, but seemed a bit busy on my otherwise simple city bike.

I would have waited for the Model T, but tried it once at a show and agree with david. Not the easiest thing to use.

Frankly, I wonder how necessary a cage is on a city bike. My longest ride in Chicago is from my home on the Northwest side to the South Loop where friends have a little restaurant.

With plenty of fluids before leaving, and more the destination, a water bottle just becomes one more thing to worry about on parking the bike.

On the other hand, I have three cages on my camper and still wind up parched on loaded tours.

Anonymous said...

What makes the "T" hard to use? What bottles are you using? I have them on 3 bikes and have never had even the slightest problem with them. I use the usual plastic bottles like you get with pretty much every organized ride.
They don't squeeze the bottle tight like the "R", but that's never been an issue.


Alan said...

The looks of the "R" are quite striking. I've never had quite the same reaction to the "T". That said, my bikes are far too ordinary to mount $39 cages on them.

JoelMatthews said...
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K Matthias said...

Chris, did you totally restyle your blog today or is something wrong with my browser? Thought I went to the wrong site at first. Just checking since you didn't mention it. :) --Karl