05 August, 2007

Ostrich Panniers

A lot of folks have been waiting for Ostrich panniers; they finally arrived this morning by Airmail straight from Japan.

These are very traditional canvas panniers that would look right at home on a 1950's Rene Herse camping bike. They measure 130mm deep, 350mm long and 300mm tall with a 13 liter capacity (each). The attachment is via traditional leather straps. The quality, as with all Ostrich products, is simply superb. I find they are a good size for either front or rear mounting. I've been using one to carry my briefcase and laptop and occasionally for shopping.

Like several other companies that make cool and desirable bike products, Ostrich is very busy and their products often take many months to get. We only have a small quantity of the panniers at the moment so get them while you can. The same is true of the handlebar bags, our last shipment is almost sold out and we probably won't see more until September.


C said...

The Ostrich bags are worth buying just for the writing on the label! Classic Japanglish!

K Matthias said...

Looks like a beautiful product. Add that to the wish list. :)

Anonymous said...

A few questions:

1. Are these waterproof?
2. Do they have a rain cover if not?
3. Do they offer a shoulder strap or rings where one could be attached?
4. How quickly can they be taken off and on a rear rack?

They look great!

q said...

Are the VO panniers coming soon and what will be the differences between them and these Ostrich panniers?