01 August, 2007

The VO Baguette

Another new product just arrived. Our VO Baguette is a saddle bag and a mini handlebar bag. This is one bag that serves both purposes; the straps are spaced to allow it to hang on either end of your bike. It's big enough for a Quicker pump, rain shell, tools, tubes, a banana, a wallet, and even a camera. Or just take a baguette (broken in half).

The color of both current VO bags is now lighter and the leather is a tan color now instead of brown. The material is a heavy waxed canvas.

Progress is once again being made on the TA-style handlebar bag too. That has been a long and painful development process, but we may have them before the end of the year.


C said...

Nice looking saddle bag. Other than aesthetics, what would the VO front bag have to offer that you can't get from the Ostrich? Is it larger/smaller? I've had my Ostrich bag for a while now and absolutely love it. The front closure hasn't been an issue for me.

Anonymous said...

Does the handlebar bag open toward the rider? That's the only thing that I don't like about the Ostrich. I may get out the scissors and sewing kit and modify it myself! It's not that the forward opening is that biggadeal, but a rear-facing opening is SO nice and convenient and it baffles me that one would design a bag the other way, what are they thinking?

Will it be as big at the Ostrich? I hope so! The French bags I've seen are too short front-to-back.

Anonymous said...

Do you have plans to offer the Ostrich panniers again? What about your own set of panniers?

Chris Kulczycki said...

The TA-style bag is smaller than the Ostrich. It opens from the back.

We have more Ostrich panniers on the way. They should be here in a few weeks. Once we finish the handlebar bag, VO panniers are the next bag project.

JoelMatthews said...

Clever and nice looking. Good job.

Greg said...

Chris. How about the dims on the VO handlebar bag? Will it be more water resistant than the Ostrich? Having used a hacked cooler bag with a zip enclosure (no overlap) I would really appreciate a bag with a physical barrier to water entry.

C said...

I've done plenty of long rides in the rain with the Ostrich bag and everything inside stays dry. Bear in mind the top is covered in plastic which is waterproof. On the front you have 3 layers of fabric the rain has to penetrate. The side has two layers. It takes a long time for the rain to seep through. I've yet to use the rain cover.

Anonymous said...

Does the baguette use a stick or other stiffener inside to maintain its horizontal integrity?

The VO-T/A bag would be a winner if it is kept affordable. While Ostrich bags look beautiful and, I am sure, function wonderfully, they and Berthouds are so expnsive they discourage the middle class from making the investment.

I greatly anticipated the launch of the new Brooks editions of the Glendale and Millbrook bags. The prices seemed high at first. When I learned they are made of vinyl, the prices became astonishing.

VO could surely compete with those products by crafting a pebble grained faux leather line that provides a stronger water barrier.

Throw in the tools, patch kit and a modest first-aid kit and you'll win fans and business.


Chris Kulczycki said...

For those of you interested in the handlebar bag, my original sketches are in this album:

The Velo Orange bags are intended to be priced between the Ostrich and Berthoud bags. Given that bags like this last for a couple of decades or longer, going for an inexpensive version is false economy.

For those who are still concerned with cost there is another recent development. A manufacturer in a part of the world you would probably never associate with bike gear has taken an interest in making a line of traditional bags for us. We should have samples in a couple of months. If it works out, these will be much less expensive.

The Baguette does not have a stiffening dowel, but it would be easy to add one yourself. I can provide instructions.

Anonymous said...

"A manufacturer in a part of the world you would probably never associate with bike gear has taken an interest in making a line of traditional bags for us."


Chris said...

Chris, I like the TA design, but I would substitute cloth or leather for the trim. The vinyl tends to crack with age and UV exposure. You probably had that covered anyway.

Edward said...

Chris, does the baguette have a slot on the rear to run a strap to the seatpost or to the stem? Could you post a picture if you have one?

Thanks, Ed Felker

Chris Kulczycki said...

Ed, That's an excellent idea. It does have a leather patch so it doesn't wear against the stem or seatpost. So it would be easy enough to cut strap-slots in it.

Ron said...


I too am very interested in the VO front bag. I'm all for understated aesthetics a-la the single colour Ostrich bag vs the almost "too good to be on my bike" Berthoud bags.