23 July, 2007

Random Bits

We have a few random bits that various customers have asked us to stock.

Classic style cable clips are getting hard to find and we have some made by AGPA.

Replacement pedal caps for Campagnolo and other classic Italian pedals are almost impossible to find, but we did locate some nice Gipiemme caps that make a fine replacement.

VAR grease in the 100gm jars has proven very popular and it's been hard to keep in stock. We just got another shipment. This will make your French bike very happy.

We also found some alloy TA bottle cage clamps. They look much like the chrome version, but don't come in the cool paper package. That's the price of shaving off a few grams.

We now stock the Soma double gate toe clips. Double gate toe clips have not been available for a long time. They are great for cyclo-cross, dirt roads, track bikes, etc and make getting into the clips faster. They are going on my new pass hunter.

The drought of products at VO will soon be over. Several hundred racks will ship from Japan in about two weeks. 400 Honjo fenders should ship next week. More decaleurs will soon be on the way. And the VO aluminum fenders are due to arrive within the next few days.


Reference Library said...

"new pass hunter" ??? Tell me more please.

Rick said...

Can you get Campy top tube clips, or are they no longer made?